Time Marches On. Wealth is Winning

cashiers old-time grocery store


Rapscallions and whippersnappers never saw the old-time grocery store check-out method requiring manual input of prices. Speed and accuracy were required. The skill needed allowed those folks to have a union that ensured the register clerks received a decent income. Entire stores being unionized was common. Back in the days before the always-present class war within the USA surged forward in 1972 with regular changes in various affairs resulting in a growth of the working-poor class and a steady increase of wealth for the higher classes.

Then the much-touted President Reagan came along. He represented the elites and the corporations but the elite-owned mainstream media worked overtime to convince a multitude that he was a modern-day George Washington sort of fellow representing all the USA. Instead, he obeyed his masters and started the full-scale assault upon unions by firing a horde of air traffic controllers. And all the while the elite’s media pounded the people with “Unions are evil” until many were convinced. Nary a positive said about unions . . . only the bad. Sure, ample bad was to be found but ignoring the good that unions did for the common folks was wrong.

Ponder this . . . all those years of the Mob, La Cosa Nostra, the Syndicate, involvement with unions . . . using threats and actual force and violence to muscle in but where was law enforcement? At the top of the cop pile was J Edgar Hoover regularly declaring there was no such thing as a Mafia!!!! The elites and their politician and bureaucrat lackeys adored the Mob!!!! Allowing the Mob to spit upon unions and the lower classes led to the near extinction of unions and again the wealth flow streamed to the top bypassing the despised common folks.

Patriots, why have you never heard mention of this FACT from the elite-owned media? Yeah, dumb question. The elites try to keep a facade of patriotism and for-the-people activity so that we will not get ideas of revolt. The media does MINOR exposes from time to time but the propaganda and indoctrination far outweighs the realities of an ongoing class war that the elites are easily winning.

An image search using various economic words and phrases is very revealing. Notice the ongoing class war and how it increased in 1972 and has been on a steady rise ever since. Purposeful activities by government at the behest of their elite-class masters and corporations explains the predicament of the growing numbers of working-poor and abject impoverished within the USA. The elites and their lackeys ARE smart enough to ensure that abject hunger is rare and that cheap and plentiful entertainment is present to sate the masses.

On the positive side at least we do not live in North Korea or Somalia or some other cesspool.


Here is a sample of the informative information easily available via an image search with Google or Bing or Yandex or whatever you use. Be creative with your search words and terms for differing results. Also, as always, be aware that there IS false information out there and the adage of lies and statistics is valid.


kids poverty rates percentages various countries

purchasing power decline 1870 to 2015 federal reserve government

federal reserve system money value decline currency scam fed 1913 to 2013 graph data

income disparity top 1% middle 60% bottom 20% 1979 to 2007

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