Government Spitting Upon We, the People



Patriots, what do you think the Founding Fathers would think about these huge extremely powerful government systems abusing an apparent law-abiding citizen in this manner? What if the fellow did not have resources to fall back upon? He had family members available to send him money to allow him to go on his way. If he did not would he have then become one of the homeless folks without a penny in his pocket? Forced to hitchhike across the USA to return home? If he was forced to do that hitchhiking can be dangerous. He might not have made it home alive!!!

I read about these forfeitures regularly. The tyrannical elite-owned media ignores these events. It is far too important to tell about some graffiti in a bathroom stall denigrating a minority group of whatever type. BAH!!!!!

Lawyers and other professionals advise never talking to cops without your lawyer present. Maybe that would have helped this guy being raped by jack-booted thugs whose loyalty is to the bureaucracy that hands them a pay check, medical, pension and other benefits. The sane with a huge percentage of politicians and bureaucrats. Those traitors will use the age-old excuse of “But I was just doing my job.” The same excuse the murdering traitor uses when inside the Capitol building on January 6, 2021 where he shot the unarmed female military veteran Ashli Babbitt.

I do support law enforcement personnel. They are needed to assist with quelling the growing percentage of societal scum within the USA. However, too many of them are mindless indoctrinated robots serving their government masters that view all people as either the enemy or something else other than quality folks of what used to be the finest country in the world. Are their ANY “fine” countries remaining? Look around the world and view the elites of the planet using their embedded systems and well-paid lackeys to do the dirty work as they steadily enslave the masses of common folks. Complicated stuff beyond the topic at hand. View the video and despite the decent ending realize that too many of the folks with seized assets never have them returned.


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