I think I would have liked Jane if I had met her when she was still among the living


” In Jane’s memory, please be kind to one another and perform random acts of kindness. “

Birth 2 Nov 1925

Death 24 Feb 2021   (aged 95)

Jane’s newspaper obituary copied to the on-line Find-a-Grave memorial stated that no flowers or other gifts be brought to the funeral. Instead, folks were asked to act as the declaration above requests. Whatta’ gal.

Jane had a lengthy sortie upon this spinning orb. Whatever lays beyond this mortal realm, if anything, is known to NOBODY despite the voluminous number of spewing scum insisting that THEY know what occurs when our mortal life reaches its end. Screw ’em.

Whatever the conclusion of time upon Earth, treating others with kindness and respect is a positive thing.

Not all fellow humans deserve our kindness; some deserve to hang or be caged permanently but that minority can be ignored until they present themselves and the iron fist of justice pulverizes them.

Have a nice day!!!


For the curious I learned about Jane while wandering through the Find-a-Grave Web site. The site is a cemetery upon the Web where peoples’ graves are placed for others to view and leave a “flower” and a message if desired. The site is easy to use. Easier to learn by doing than my trying to describe the place.

Folks interested in history can learn a lot wandering through the graves. Maybe you can learn about your ancestors/relatives at Find-a-Grave.


World’s largest gravesite collection
Over 190 million memorials created by the community since 1995


Look for the “tutorial” button at the bottom of the page.  There is a forum/message board area and a bunch of other stuff. Find-a-Grave has grown over the years and its user-base is growing.


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