Discussing Self-Defense at the Message Board


Typical varied input at a self-defense discussion with many participants obviously amateurs when street brawling is the topic.

Here is my input that was well-received by the warriors in the crowd and scoffed by some of those whose life has apparently never departed that “safe space” so many snowflakes and leftists never depart.


Any amount of training can be useful during a street brawl. Those undergoing training or having it in their repertoire quickly detect the typical amateurishness seen in the many real-life videos of street fighting. The fewer videos showing the trained fellow quickly dispatching his opponent(s) is a recommendation that one’s safety can be improved via some training in any sort of fisticuffs. The safety increases with improvement in physicality and endurance.

Many nuances to this topic. What I can offer via real-life scenarios is that a physical build suggesting power that can be unleashed with effective results can often deter many thugs and drunkards and various riffraff ne’er-do-wells. Some scum, the mentally deranged, drug-addled, hard-core criminals, etc. are not as easily deterred but with deterrence many times you will not know scum was deterred from attacking you.

Good training also teaches you situational awareness that hones your senses assisting you with detecting danger and departing an area before danger envelopes you. Decades ago entered the party at a suburban house. Perhaps 25 to 30 people present. Entering the door into the living room a sense of DANGER entered my mind. I turned and departed, never to return to that house. Maybe it was a false alarm but the level of that dread was so high I obeyed my instincts. That sense is rare for me. When it activates it is nearly always a call to a heightened sense of awareness some refer to as situational awareness. In human and even wild life if the prey is aware of the predator that can be enough for the predator to seek a victim elsewhere.

Those brain-dead buffoons with a cell-phone permanently attached to their ugly head or the idiots with the portable electronic device held in a death-grip in their girly wimpy hands are typically impervious to anything and everything happening around them. The perfect target for predators of all types. Negroes having a thrill and fun playing the knock-out game. Thugs of all types that want your money and items they can sell. Rapists who want to dominate and humiliate their victim who may be left behind battered and in the hospital, maybe maimed for life and some are left dead since the eye-witness to the crime can talk no more.

There are many Web sites that offer bad to okay to good to great advice. Some mental training can be acquired via on-line videos. Some real-life training facilities can assist with turning you into a survivor. The search for a quality facility is on your shoulders. Physical training to increase speed, strength and endurance can be done at home alone or a group setting. Boxing and martial arts training can be of great benefit. Ample debate on-line and elsewhere about the best fighting “system” but any of them beats no training.

To conclude this I share the paraphrased wise words of a fellow long dead:

“The best victory is the battle that never was fought.”

Avoidance is best for many reasons. With our corrupt disgusting USA legal system even folks merely defending themselves from scum thug filth end up paying those filth lots of money and the legal judgment could last a lifetime. Avoidance is best.

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