Protester killed in Capitol was Air Force vet from California (UPDATED!!!)


********** UPDATE **********

The hired thug shooting his weapon from hiding murdering a USA patriot has been self-revealed. The traitors that use taxpayer wealth to hire their assassins refused to reveal the cowardly murderers’ name. Here is the Negro that apparently takes joy in gunning down a White gal. The accumulated statistics DO inform us that Negroes DO murder, rape and other crimes far out of proportion to their percentage of the populace. So, to protect the traitors in government from patriots hire as many Negroes as possible? I will expect political traitors to hire Moslems along with Negroes since murdering infidels is a proven popular pastime for the soldiers of Mohamed. The typical USA resident/citizen IS an infidel so hire both groups to lessen the odds that the hired thugs will hold back from gunning down patriots.


United States Capital Police Lt. Michael Leroy Byrd


I listened to that low-IQ murderer being interviewed on national broadcast news TV. My first thought was “diversity hire.” Hire an inferior low-quality dumb-shit Negro for political correctness purposes. Then I thought more and pondered the very-high Negro crime rates and the apparent growing animosity towards White folks fueled by elite-owned mainstream media reporting and it made sense to hire a Negro to wield a weapon since, in my opinion, they are far more eager to murder than other races.

Lieutenant Michael Byrd. The corrupt legal system allows him to walk away. Taxpayer dollars will continue to pay him then reward the killer with a pension that will be far better than the typical taxpayer ever receives.

For the hot-heads of the USA. Let the murdering filth walk away. Give no thoughts of harming the filth. Hate him, despise him, hope for an early NATURAL death from heart attack or the possibility of his hangin’ in the ‘hood and one of the bruthas doing what they do with regularity and open fire at anything visible.

Do not harass or annoy or do anything against the taxpayer-paid thug protector of the traitor element that has invaded the USA political systems. Do not sink to the level of the enemies of We, the People. For one thing . . . the traitors have IMMENSE POWER and a corrupt legal system that serves tyrant and traitor needs and patriots are helpless against that immense power so DO NOT DEFY THE POWER THAT CAN EASILY DESTROY YOU IN MANY WAYS!!!!


common folks law legal system corporations equal protection

Protecting corporations and the elite-class that owns the corporations and the traitor politicians serving the moneyed interests and the hired thugs that protect that elite class and their lackey servants.

********** END UPDATE **********


“A female Air Force vet from California was identified Wednesday as the protester killed in the Capitol building.

Ashli Babbit, who lived around San Diego, was fatally shot in the pro-President Trump chaos, her husband told KUSI-TV.

She had 14 years in the service and had done four tours of duty, the station said.

Her husband called her a major Trump supporter and American patriot.”

If a Black female had been gunned down by any type of cop Antifa, BLM and every other leftist and/or Marxist group would be massing in the streets to start the looting, pillaging, burning and riotous behaviors and, as happened a few times, commit injury, maiming and even murder.

Will the patriots muster to create mayhem?

Listen to the elite-owned mass media spewing their extremely slanted tales and notice the reporters who do very little reporting but do as their corporate masters order; throw out biased opinions and conjecture all intended to make patriots appear to be evil.

Patriots, the New World Order grows ever stronger and closer to attaining their self-serving goals of destroying all Western countries and initiating a one-world government.

This is an extremely complicated topic well-covered by non-corporate people across the Web. Patriots must make themselves aware of the critical nature of current events and how past events are propelling us to a situation where common folks could become enslaved.

Prepare for Revolutionary War Two, patriots.

Protester killed in Capitol was Air Force vet from California


TV lies propaganda

TV told me to hate president

TV indoctrination

Soros Antifa communists Democrats mainstream media

News bias protect destroy globalist agenda USA

media TV networks CBS Disney NBC news concentration corporations

media tells who to love hate be afraid of trust think free your mind from mental slavery

media newspaper radio TV print owned by 6 corporations concentration

leftist media says Trump out of control actually not in traitor

USA government taken over ruling wealthy elites corporations represent common folk


corporation bull horn free speech wealth power shout over common folksCongress USA corporate headquarters elites business

common folks law legal system corporations equal protection





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