Vietnam, the war that should never have occurred

A message board comment placed at a site far far away I want to place here

Vietnam . . . the war that should never have occurred. If the USA had better, more practical, less interested in ensuring their corporate masters did not achieve maximum profit in everything leadership, the USA and Vietnam could have been allies from the 1940s onward. When the Khmer Rouge and Pol Pot’s evils had to be stopped Vietnam was the only country in the world to invade and fight to destroy that vile evil filling Cambodia. Years after the USA/Vietnam conflict ended USA military veterans can visit all parts of Vietnam and I have never heard nor read of any evil being committed against a visiting American by a Vietnam citizen. Bless those folks. Imagine a military vet visiting Iraq or Afghanistan or any Moslem country fully displaying their American military veteran status and being treated warmly by the populace as the Vietnamese do.

It would behoove our politicians and bureaucrats to be very friendly with Vietnam. They are a tough people willing to fight for what they consider to be right. I would much rather have them as allies than as an enemy.

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