Freedom of the press is limited to those who own one

Media Consolidation Monopoly


The complexity of modern life makes it hard to explain my thoughts. Please excuse my simplistic approach. It is the best I can do.


There are people who decide what news is to be broadcast or printed and then what slant is to be given the conveyed news. Here is a recent example. On-line coverage of the latest invasion of the USA by “refugees” from the south by NBC national news coverage via their broadcast systems and the Web used a lot of emotional appeals to place the invaders in a good light. The powers within NBC want the invaders to enter the USA unimpeded. AOL news repeated the news story. A growing number of Web news outlets are stopping their comment sections. I believe this is due to the many comments disagreeing with the politically correct Leftist open-border-loving corporations able to afford the immense costs of operating a news-spewing firm. Well… increasingly propaganda spewing. View the comments at the AOL site and view how many people are angry at the “news” propaganda piece.

Here is the “news” (propaganda piece) I am referring to:

Thousands of immigrants suffer in solitary confinement in U.S. detention centers

“Dulce Rivera lived for the one hour a day she was allowed to walk outside on a patch of concrete surrounded by metal fencing.

The 36-year-old transgender woman from Central America was locked in solitary confinement at a New Mexico detention center that housed immigrants in the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. For 23 hours a day, she remained alone in a cell, with no one to talk to and nothing to distract from her increasingly dark thoughts.

“You never know what day it is, what time it is,” said Rivera, who has struggled with mental illness. “Sometimes you never see the sun.””

There are a multitude of people and stories embedded in the immense number of people trying to enter the USA but NBC chose a gender-confused mentally ill person who could have chosen many other countries to flee to but opted for the USA as has mega-millions of others. Citizens who seek invasion realities know about the HUGE economic costs of the ongoing invasion to taxpayers. We also know of the jails and prisons swarming with illegal alien criminals who are there for rape, murder, child molestation and many other felonies that the elite-owned media may or may not report about.

Why did the mentally ill gender-confused “refugee” chose the USA? Any guesses? This issue is complex. I will not go into the details how various anti-USA anti-Western civilization groups have people inside 2nd- and 3rd-world countries encouraging that the residents enter the USA where free goods and services await them. Awhile back the Mexico government even printed a comic book-type pamphlet instructing its citizens on how to invade and live inside the USA while avoiding capture. A book could be filled about this  topic but somebody with mote knowledge and time is needed to inform us about this crime against the USA.


Soros after America next


There are many others along with Soros intent upon altering or destroying our Western ways of life. Immense wealth allows a few folks to make huge impacts upon We, the People. Corporations are a weapon that can be used by evil people to create huge influence upon politicians, bureaucrats and others in authority positions.


Free speech corporations bullhorn


Your voice is a sparrow’s chirp in a hurricane compared to the voice of the corporations that…  own the media, entertainment industries, the publishing houses and the high-paying jobs given to politicians and bureaucrats when they leave office or position. This is another topic crying out for a book to be written. I have mentioned this topic in other blog entries either here or in other blogs. My part-time blogging does not allow keeping track of all my content. Please just be aware of how corporations and wealthy, powerful associations and organizations have HUGE influence on government personnel. This scam is legal. Politicians and bureaucrats know that proper behavior while in office ensure they and their families will receive immense wealth via the speaker’s circuit, book publishing (usually written by others) and very-high-paying positions within corporations. You and I can offer one vote. A few elites and corporations can offer millions, many many millions of dollars and the scam is all legal. Ever hear or read about this scam via a mass or local media outlet?


The “press” used to be those who owned printing presses who had the ability to convey news, opinions and other items. Technology now has “the press” filling every nook and cranny of our existence. A Wikipedia item led to creating this post. Here is what led me to this latest effort at being a sparrow’s chirp in a hurricane:


“DAW Books, which published the Gor series from the 8th volume (Hunters of Gor) through the 25th volume (Magicians of Gor), subsequently decided to cease publication of the books, citing low sales;[8] Norman attributes the decision to feminist influences, saying in 1996:

Tarnsman of Gor was published in late 1966. It has been reprinted 22 times… I have recently signed contracts for fresh French and German sales, and have recently been published for the first time in Czechoslovakia. There have been recent Spanish and Italian sales. There’s no evidence that my books no longer sell… After DAW refused to buy any more Gor books, I sold a three-part Telnarian series to Brian Thomsen of Warner Books. The first book, The Chieftain, had a 67 percent sell-through. The second, The Captain, had a 91 percent sell-through, which is the sort of thing that would make Stephen King rush over to shake your hand… Brian Thomsen, my Warner editor for the Telnarian series… was replaced by an editor from one of the blacklisting presses, one that explicitly informed my agent they would not consider anything by John Norman. That new editor canceled the series despite its success and without waiting to see how the third book, The King, would do. That way things are made nicely clear…

“Unfortunately for me, only about seven or eight publishing houses maintain a mass-market paperback line in science fiction and fantasy; this small, closely-knit group effectively controls the market. With such a group, a blacklist need not be an explicit, formal written or oral agreement subscribed to by a gathered cabal pledged to secrecy. It is an understanding that a certain individual is to be ostracized, excluded, methodologically overlooked or such.”[9]

All of John Norman’s books are now published by E-Reads as ebooks and print copies. According to their website, “they are among E-Reads’ biggest sellers”.[10]”

The above is from the Wiki entry:  GOR

Here’s the link for the specific area quoted:  Publication

When a profitable book series is abandoned by a firm likely due to political correctness how many other works of all types will we never see due to wealthy, powerful people deciding what we can be exposed to? Folks, it would take a lengthy book to explain my belief but surely the wise among you could determine on your own if the following is accurate:

In many ways the USA has as much censorship as Soviet Russia ever did. Instead of a central government controlling what the masses can read, see or hear in the USA a tiny minority of wealthy people who control corporations decide what We, the People shall be exposed to. We are a bit more free in the USA… this blog entry is proof of that. However… I am a chirp in a storm compared to the propaganda/indoctrination power of the media, TV, movies and other entertainment and even the advertising we see, read and hear.

Commenting sections across the Web reveal a growing anger against the propaganda/indoctrination a few powerful entities are bombarding us with. The growing unholy alliance between big government and big business and the weakening of the common USA citizen has led to increased talk about a once-taboo subject that I and others label:



And there is the start of yet another lengthy, complex book. This complexity of modern life eases the efforts of wealthy tyrannical elites and their armies of hired lackeys with controlling all aspects of life within the USA including its residents.

The Founder’s written warnings are apt. Tyranny has risen, patriots.


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