Screw the taxpayers. Screw the common folks. Profit is all that matters

Crony Capitalism

Why should the government give a subsidy to ANY business? The giving of a subsidy is not what the government in a free market economy should be doing. Period. A free market should be just that, a free market, not a subsidized market.

If the NFL, or any sports franchise, can pay the players multi-million dollar salaries and still make good profits, it doesn’t need a subsidy, nor should ANY business get a subsidy. The free market is about providing a product, or service, to the public that the public is willing to pay for. It’s called a mutually beneficial trade!

Read the entire article. It is short. Many other people and firms are given special protection by government at all levels. In my impoverished town where the majority of folks live in the lower socioeconomic levels local government constantly spits upon them while catering to Wal-Mart and other business entities.

It is an outrage but the “system” has done an excellent job of brainwashing the masses via propaganda and indoctrination into accepting that “As things are is correct and proper and the way things are meant to be.”

Is there any hope for us common folks or will “the system” continue shitting upon us? I fear it will. However, despite my anger and desire for a Revolutionary War Two I will also be grateful I do not live in North Korea, Somalia, Afghanistan or some other, to me, crappy place to live. That belief is no excuse for tyrants and their lackeys to shit upon We, the People.

Perhaps some year, decade or century will witness the rise of a new set of Founders of the quality of the originals. I wish them all the luck I can offer. The forces they will confront are incredibly powerful and, when threatened, can strike like a snake with the power to destroy entire countries.


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