Illegal Alien Invader gunning down USA citizens

One seven-year-old girl was hit in the head and is still in critical condition

Illegal alien Rolando Martinez was arrested Saturday after a late night shooting spree.

Martinez, who claims he was drunk, shot at drivers with an assault rifle on an 18 mile stretch of Interstate 35.

If only military tribunals could haul in every USA citizen helping illegal alien barbarian invaders with entering the USA and/or assisting the scum in staying inside the USA. Charge the traitors with aiding and abetting illegals for every crime illegals commit inside the USA . With tens-of-thousands of charges against them if the traitors are found guilty life sentences could be the only possible result. Make it life at hard labor. Many cities across the USA will be devoid of city politicians due to that sanctuary city crap. State and federal level politicians will also be gone. Good. And the common citizens assisting the invaders will also swell the ranks laboring away for years to come. Put those traitors to work repairing the infrastructure and cleaning up the inner cities. Those refusing to work will be flogged. Traitors must not be allowed to spit upon We, the People any more. And the illegals committing felonies may best pay for their horrors by hanging in public for all to see.

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