Anti-Fascist History and Politics, Explained

Anti-Fascist History and Politics, Explained

Published in TeenVogue. Is this an example of what I label the elite-owned media indoctrinating the masses to think thus behave as those tyrannical self-serving elites want the masses of commoner folks think/behave?

The article topic is necessarily full of subjective opinion. Read the article and seek out what to me is the heaping helping of bias and slanted writing to entice the reader to agree with the writers views.

Below is a link to a message board commenting about the article:

Violent Protests: Is Antifa necessary?

Look for the link to page 2 at the bottom to allow reading of all the comments.

Some basic Web research led to very little biographical info about Abdullah Shihipar. Is it possible that in this and/or other instances that the tyrannical elites create authors of propaganda to distance themselves and their media outlets from the propaganda they spew? It could be easily done.

The essay about Antifa could be disemboweled and commented upon bit by bit resulting in a lengthy rebuttal and refutation where appropriate. Instead of my doing that I encourage folks to read the article and seek out the attempts at molding young minds into thought patterns acceptable to a class of folks who do not have the commoner’s interest in mind.

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