George HW Bush apologizes to Heather Lind over claims

George HW Bush apologizes to Heather Lind over claims

Actress Heather Lind made allegations Tuesday claiming when she met former President George H.W. Bush, 93, he ‘sexually assaulted’ her from his wheelchair

She claimed the ‘assault’ happened during a photo-op with wife Barbara Bush standing by his side, and claims his wife saw the incident unfold

The now 34-year-old actress also claimed that afterwards Bush’s security detail told her she shouldn’t have stood next to the former president for the photo-op

Lind says this happened four years ago while she was promoting a movie

In a statement to the former president has apologized for the incident saying it was an ‘attempt at humor’ and not meant to offend Lind

I was not there. I can not make any declaration about that event but being bombarded by media declarations of females accusing what seems to be every male in sight I hereby screech at all the daffy dames… SCREW YOU!!!

Damn… another complicated topic with a bunch of variables and ins-and-outs and for the politically correct mob I include the requisite proclamation “No shit, Sherlock, there are dudes doing dumb deeds and deserve to be prosecuted and some need to be locked up for life with some deserving scum deserving a public hanging for all to see. Okay… are you PC freaks happy? I am not defending  criminality.

I fear too many USA females have been and are currently being indoctrinated to be dainty little creatures under constant assault by those fearsome horrid males. Insert 295 pages of various items here about this complex topic. I am fast-forwarding to the end of the book…

Girls, you are not worth the time and effort of decent dudes. You demented dames are too treacherous, ignorant, deluded, self-centered, materialistic and a bunch of other shit that when wrapped up into a whole makes you unworthy of a moral, civil, law-abiding gent. For the minority of females not warped by the ongoing onslaught of idiocy I feel for you. Your “sisters” and the conniving elite-owned media makes all of you appear to be crazed lunatics.

Males desiring a USA female must take extreme care and be very selective while choosing a partner or whatever you want the gal for. Even if selective the danger is real. Ogle a dame and she may, within her warped perverted mind, believe you have raped her with your eyes. Inside that sick mind that imagined rape becomes real and with the immense power of the law enforcement and legal systems you are dragged through a living hell that can strip you of all your wealth so you can prove your innocence.

If unable to prove innocence you may be caged for years, your life ruined!!! Look at the hell the Duke lacrosse team went through until it was proven the wench lied about her being assaulted. Note how the college administrator, Black leaders and others rushed to prosecute those innocent gents.

Search the Web for the many horrors facing USA males. Do you believe you are immune to being assaulted by these evil forces filling the once-sovereign USA?

College males must be especially careful. The indoctrination of dames therein is intense. And college administrations tend to be anti-male and the dames are readily believed. If you see a wench carrying a mattress around campus… flee!!! Run for you life for merely glancing at her could bring a bevy of charges brought against you.

I can only guess but if the USA Founders could be here to witness the crap going on I believe they would start preparing for Revolutionary War Two.

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