4 Mexican men with felony convictions arrested in Arizona

4 Mexican men with felony convictions arrested in Arizona

How many thousands more are roaming the USA now seeking new prey? How many crossed the wide-open border with no one seeing them?

Illegal Alien Crime Report

A big “Thanks” to the creator and operator of the Crime Report site. It assists We, the People with comprehending how dangerous the invasion of illegal alien barbarians is and with realizing how the elite-owned mass media is spitting upon us. Watch the mass media consistently tell the tale of the rare illegal getting into college or doing some kind deed. That is nice. Ever hear, see or read about the illegal alien scum who repeatedly entered the USA after being deported for various crimes who raped two nuns in Oregon and strangled one to death with her rosary beads? You did not know about that horror? The elites spitting upon the masses do not want you to know the truth. That vile filth wants the illegals here!!! The traitorous elites care only about their wealth and power… a million of us could be raped and murdered and it is nothing to the scum assisting the invasion of the USA. Here… read one of the local news reports… the best, most detailed reports have disappeared from the Web.

Nun’s rosary beads were used to kill her, Oregon authorities say

The report is an early one. The fiend admitted to the deed and was given a life sentence. Your tax dollars will provide for the fellow until he dies. How many more just like him our headed our way… your way or your daughters’ way?

Do you have nearby politicians keeping their town or city a “sanctuary city” where illegal alien invaders are welcomed and protected?

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