Second passenger dies from fatal crash injuries after birthday fest

Second passenger dies from fatal crash injuries after birthday fest

Archaga-Mendoza, who is undocumented, also is charged with assault by auto on two other passengers…

At least this drunk-driving illegal alien invader did not murder other folks, usually USA citizens, by striking another vehicle or running down pedestrians or driving into structures and maiming and killing those within.

I am surprised that this news story mentions the illegality of the perpetrator. Many times elite-owned media fails to mention that those within the story are illegal alien invaders of the once-sovereign USA. Some media owners have ordered their media outlets to not mention illegality. I wonder if those traitorous tyrannical elites would be protecting illegals if they or their families were the victims of illegal alien rape, torture, murder or other atrocities?

Here is a site that gathers but a few of the enormous amount of crime committed by illegal alien fiends:

Illegal Alien Crime Report

Time to liven a post up with a few pics:


I believe that the FBI only recently recorded crimes committed by Hispanics in a new separate “Hispanic” category. Prior to this change (if it has actually happened) all Hispanic/Chicano/Latino crimes were placed in the “White” category. For some perverted reason that MUST be changed there is no separate category for crimes committed by illegal aliens.










Mexico nine

Protesting against enforcement against illegal alien invaders in front of the Los Angeles federal Veterans Cemetery. Below we see the USA flag hauled down by pro-invader protestors and replaced with the Mexico flag. This was done at the Montebello, California post office. Montebello is in the Los Angeles area. I fled my home state of California in 1992. When I left what many rightfully label as Mexifornia in many ways I re-entered the USA.



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