NYPD Cop Viciously Punches A Man In The Back Of The Head While He Was Pinned Down!

Outrage Over ‘Brutality’ As Cop Beats On Suspect… Who’s On Top Of A Cop He Was Strangling

The officers approached Burns, 16, and he attacked them. During the fight, the suspect pushed one of the officers to the ground, got on top of him, and put his hand on the officer’s neck.

Then an officer with arms the size of tree trunks got on top of Burns and started hitting him while a third officer yelled for him to stop resisting.

Burns continued to resist throughout the ordeal, and it took all of the officers to pry Burns loose from the down officer.

“No, what are you doing? What did you do?” a bystander screamed at the officers.

During the fight, bystanders even tried to interfere, grabbing and pushing the officers.

Burns was arrested and charged with assault, petit larceny, resisting arrest, criminal possession of stolen property, and giving a fake name. He was transported to the hospital and released.

The Post also reports that Burns was wanted for an armed robbery from July 31 when the teen held a cab driver at knife-point and stole his money, cell phone, and tablet.

A few days prior to that, he attempted to rob another person but the victim wouldn’t cooperate so he took off running.

I interpret those kneeling football players as protesting against events such as this one. Videos of these types of incidents often show Negro bystanders screeching their anger at the police. If so many Negroes despise the curtailing of thugs then, perhaps, should that thug and thug element-loving cohort be given their own section of the USA to live in? Perhaps 2 or 3 states can be turned over to thugs and allowed to live their bestial lives with no interference from civil folks. Make the border impenetrable. Any thug or thug lover attempting to depart their “dream land” is shot on site? Just a thought. I do not want to live in the same area those screeching ranting thug lovers live and for the actual thug element I revel when the violent ones are shot dead. Makes my day.

USA seems to be sliding into an abyss of idiocy. I wonder if a military coup and military dictatorship is needed to get the USA on the right track.

Note the title of the You Tube video: NYPD Cop Viciously Punches A Man In The Back Of The Head While He Was Pinned Down!

Why was that particular title chosen? I understand that the person choosing that title may not have known that the thug as as thuggish as the beast was and is now. It seems obvious that the thug filth was attacking the cop on the bottom of the pile. And the thug scum kept fighting back.

Something is seriously wrong inside the USA. I fear that thuggery is going to increase in size and frequency. It would be great if the thug supporters were the only victims of thuggery but that is unlikely.




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