VP Pence leaves Colts, 49ers game after anthem protest

VP Pence leaves Colts, 49ers game after anthem protest

Good for the VP!!! Sure, there are a lot of problems needing corrected inside the USA but when it appears to ME that at least some of those football player protests are in support of the thug element within the Negro community then those well-paid football game players who are mere entertainers basking in the accolades and admiration of those enamored with that bunch get no support from me.

In another post I wrote of the NFL spitting upon the common folks. There is a huge amount of info and opinions on the Web of how the NFL scams the common folks of the USA. To watch those whiners protesting in the manner they do during ceremonial stuff at the games merely increases my despising all that is the NFL and that within supporting societal thuggery. Piss on them!!!

I will also shun as much as possible every firm/product advertised during televised football games. I do not watch those games but thanks to others’ efforts the firms/products that do appear are listed on the Web. Thanks to all who take the time and effort to inform us of who and what to boycott.

It would be wonderful if those wealthy team owners and their collective scam had to pay back the tax payers for having those altars to their game build (stadiums) and to repay tax payers for the money taken from them to support public colleges/universities where future pro football players are trained. Those pro teams should pay for player training out of their own pockets.

And a bunch of other stuff.


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