Group Savagely Beat 2 Teenagers Inside Long Island Burger King

Group Savagely Beat 2 Teenagers Inside Long Island Burger King

The comment section is revealing in regards to how a growing portion of the USA populace views the Negroes among us. Statistics can be manipulated but they still have a tale to tell and can constitute a warning for those who want to protect themselves and loved ones from the ruffians in our midst.

My personal goal is to distance myself from the trashy element of every grouping within the USA. It is hard to do for the lower socioeconomic groups lacking the funds that allow distancing one’s self from societal scum.

The area I moved into eight-years ago was the roughest in town but all I could afford. Full of White trash there were commonalities in our shared culture with the differences between us minor compared to the differences between my sub-culture and that of the growing numbers of Negroes that started invading/infesting this area three years ago.

Local news stories are full of shooting, killings, high-speed vehicle chases with innocents harmed or killed by the idiots trying to outrun the police and in instance after instance the perpetrator is a Negro. Committing crimes far out of proportion to their percentage of the populace. I was far safer immersed within White trash than I am the incoming Negroes. I have but one choice and that is to maximize my survival possibilities by distancing myself from the incoming menace.

Does distancing myself harm the Negroes in any way? Other than removing one possible victim how am I harming the Negroes by staying as far away from them as possible? Maybe the political correct mob would label that as being racist. Huh? That is a subjective term interpreted in many ways. From my viewpoint voting with my feet and distancing myself from a real, provable, actual threat is the act of a sane person. Thus I will offer my definition of “racist” as it applies to my circumstance:

A racist is a realist

I need to sell the dump I live in before the already low property values plummet as the crime rate soars as the outsiders invade. And such is life for the lower classes of the USA trying to survive in a country where an elite ruling class has its politician and bureaucrat lackeys force diversity and multiculturalism upon the common folks as a weapon of a class war the few at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy are handily winning.


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