Cringy White Privilege Video Goes Terribly Wrong!

Reading message board comments at sites across the Web and listening to local folks in real life I detect a growing non-Negro anger against Negroes in general. I understand that it is the individual that must be judged but when it appears that a growing percentage of the USA Negro population is becoming anti-White and thug-like in demeanor and actions then I will take what I consider to be appropriate action.

Currently that action is to avoid Negroes as much as possible. I will not interfere with those folks either individually or as a group. I will not deprive them of anything except my presence. I have noticed a recent influx of Negroes into the small city I lie in. Along with their arrival is a noticeable increase of violent crime. Statistics and data can be “played” with but they also mirror reality and there is ample proof to me that having a Negro presence diminishes life quality. The politically correct mob will grab that statement and label me “racist.” That term has been used so much in so many ways as to become meaningless to me. In my mind I when that label is placed upon me I replace the word with “realist.”

So… here I am facing reality. Looking for a new place to live where there are as few Negroes as possible. I am a fair-minded fellow. I am also doing my best to avoid what I label as White-trash as much as possible. It is no fun living among that socioeconomic group but there is, at least, more shared culture than there is typically found if immersed within one or more of the many Negro sub-cultures.

Culture. And the sub-cultures within. An aspect of “multiculturalism.” Folks, I regularly mention the term “complexity” and here we have it in droves. Oodles and gobs of it. Massive amounts. Far beyond my ability to wrap my mind around and create logical statements to share with you. Damn. Adage time. Birds of a feather flock together.

So I shall seek out similar birds and try to live out what time on this planet is left to me in peace and hopefully quiet in a society that is increasingly noisy bombarding us with constant NOISE that intrudes upon us constantly. A pox upon that White-trash redneck punk whose booming vehicle engine exhaust wakes a sleeper inside their home at 2 AM and can still be hear three blocks away as the simpleton purposefully drives in a manner to maximize the noise the unmuffled vehicle outputs.

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