Lynne DiSanto, GOP lawmaker, loses real estate job, apologizes for ‘All Lives Splatter’ meme

Lynne DiSanto, GOP lawmaker, loses real estate job, apologizes for ‘All Lives Splatter’ meme

Ms. DiSanto, who is the GOP’s majority whip in the state House, has apologized for a now-deleted comment on Facebook that read, “I think this is a movement we can all support. #alllivessplatter.”

Below her Sept. 7 comment was a drawing depicting a car running down protesters and the words, “All Lives Splatter / Nobody cares about your protest / Keep your ass out of the road.”

The post generated a flurry of comments before Ms. DiSanto deleted it Tuesday afternoon, nearly two weeks after it was posted, the Rapid City Journal reported. She told the paper that she failed to recognize how the post could be considered offensive following the car-ramming death of Heather Heyer during protests last month in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Read the comments to the article. The politically correct crowd are, to me, an anal retentive crowd ready to lash out and destroy all they disagree with. Fine… that works both ways and I believe that in general the folks who agree with me that what that politician said is not that big of a deal are also the warrior class of the USA. The folks trained to confront and defeat barbarians and perform other tasks such as winning a Civil War Two or creating a New USA out of a portion of the old, failing USA where the PC mental midgets are expelled to wither in the dying old USA.


South Dakota state Rep. Lynne DiSanto


If I lived in her area I would never do business with Keller Williams Realty Black Hills that fired her. I would also encourage everybody I knew to also boycott that firm. Political correctness is spitting upon We, the people and it is time for us to spit back.

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