Black America, Summed Up in Four Minutes

Black America, Summed Up in Four Minutes

Whites are expected to forgive and ask for forgiveness, while blacks are expected to stay angry.

Constant examples of a double-standard thrown in our faces. That causes anger and ire and rightfully so.

Steven Moseley personifies why black America is its own worst enemy. Here was a white guy reaching out, trying to forgive a black man who committed unspeakable acts against his sister. And what does he get from the black man’s son? Avoidance of responsibility, blame-shifting, an expectation that the white person should forgive without the black culprit expressing remorse, the invocation of racism in order to excuse and defend inexcusable and indefensible acts, ignorant racial conspiracy theories, and finally, victimhood.

The entire article must be read to understand the snippets placed here. Comment section at article’s end. Reading comments is a good to great way to obtain clues regarding sentiments held by the common folks. Sentiments seldom portrayed by elite-owned media with their own agendas that seldom benefit us commoners. The mainstream media advertises its entertainment industry by displaying the thoughts and beliefs of Hollywood stars, sports figures and other very well-paid lackeys who spew the crap they know their masters want them to spew.


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