Trump pardons Arpaio

Trump pardons Arpaio, convicted of defying judge’s order

A patriot saving USA citizen lives by trying to stop the ongoing invasion of the USA. Trump did the right thing. It would be wonderful if those scum aiding and abetting the invaders were forced to appear in front of military tribunals who will weed out the filthy traitors spitting upon the USA and its citizens.

The traitors will be removed from their positions if they are politicians, bureaucrats, judges, whatever and they will face terms at hard labor as punishment and to send a strong message to all who consider assisting the foreigners trying to invade the USA.

The elite-owned media fails in reporting to the masses the enormous amount of crime committed by the invading barbarians. Try the site below for a small sample of the atrocities the invaders are committing against We, the People.

Illegal Alien Crime Report

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