Thoughts coursing through the synapses and neurons

Billions of bucks spent over the decades trying to lift up the USA underclass of all colors. Generational trashiness is rarely overcome. The adage “Give me the child and at age 7 and I will give you the adult” has much truth proven by both real-life commoner observations and scientific research.

The methods needed to alter that underclass are known but not acceptable within the current USA. This reason (and others) is why a growing number of learned folks within the USA are considering the need for a military coup by a patriotic officer corps and the installing of a military dictatorship following much but not all precepts of the Constitution.

The details are many and not fit for inclusion in this tiny space. However… despite knee-jerk fear and outrage if that coup succeeds there will actually be more freedom and general prosperity for ALL facets of USA society. And that underclass will shrink immensely as that cohort is required to confront education and alternate thoughts to replace the old ones leading to lives of misery, crime and, too often, self-destruction and a reliance upon taxpayer hand-outs or residing in a prison cell.

That was a quickly-written comment left at a Web site covering local news over yonder on the east side of the Mississippi River. That mentioned adage refers to the criticality of influencing the human brain/mind during those critical young, formative years. The ongoing Head Start program tries to alter the typical progression of young trash born to trashy parents growing into trashy adults who, in turn, spit out trashy spawn who are raised to be trash and the cycle continues. I recall a study done many decades ago that studied the “Joad” family that determined the actuality of generational trashiness.

As typical with the stuff I tossed onto this written receptacle of the thoughts swirling within my brain the complexity of the topics is incredibly complex. Altering the ever-present USA underclass… the “trashy folks” of the USA, can not be done within our current systems for many reasons. We are stuck with an underclass that is very expensive to allow, maintain and deal with. It would cost some time and money to reduce the numbers of trashy folks but that cost would be recouped over the decades.  Short-term profit is of utmost importance to the overlords so conditions will continue as they are.

May God help us. If there is one. I do not know. Agnostic I am. Open-minded. Maybe time will prove to me if there is a Creator. If our existence upon Earth is our only existence then death is a finality and I will never know the ultimate answer to the “ultimate question.”

Thanks for reading and, as always, comments welcomed and only utter idiocy, spam and brutally foul language is deleted.

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