Retired principal accused in Confederate pepper spray case

Retired principal accused in Confederate pepper spray case

The complexity of life in the modern world is more than immense. The USA educational system reflects the complexity of the forces arrayed against the common folks. I am more than far from being an expert about any aspect of K-12 public education but I did devote three years within that system as part of a mid-life career change. What I saw both angered and disgusted me. Curiosity did its typical work upon me and off to scour the Web I went. What I learned there confirmed my suspicions and away I went… out of a system of indoctrination designed to create an army of subservient complacent droids to serve the wants, needs and desires of elites at all levels… from small town local elites up through the ranks to the elites who control most of everything in the USA.

I urge all who care to start with a Web search for John Gatto.

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Diversity Mantra




EducationSpendingVS test scores






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