Will the Media Televise the Revolution? Will you be watching?

Will the Media Televise the Revolution? Will you be watching?

“…led by a media set on destruction of our constitution, abandonment of the law and complete dominance over all who disagree with them.”

Replace “media” with “monolithic corporation” to convey reality more accurately. A simple test of strength with the immensely powerful and wealthy holders of power’s reigns doing whatever needed to maintain command and control of the many systems that guide/control/lead all aspects of the USA.

Government appears to be largely controlled by people and entities other than the masses of common folks. The media and other institutions/entities such as the entertainment industries have immense clout in convincing folks how to think thus behave. You folks know how extremely complex these topics I mention are and require HUGE amounts of words to convey but with the Web at our hands all it takes is your efforts to learn how, in many ways, the current USA is an immense scam. And those scammed bleat their delight with their masters. Those who cast-off or fended-off the never-ending indoctrination look at today’s realities with disgust and the fear that peaceful change MAY be impossible for many reasons.

Search the Web. Look past indoctrination from the many sources with a self-serving agenda to promote. Be skeptical of everything but be receptive of sources that appear to be conveying reality.

Personally, I most fear monolithic corporate power and its unholy alliances with government at all levels. I also fear the lie that worships diversity and multiculturalism. This societal aspect is used as a tool for an elite class to garner evermore wealth and power over the masses who are unable to unite to fight back against tyranny.

And a whole bunch more. I am grateful we live in a system that is mostly benevolent. Mostly. But that can change and I fear that the future does not bode well for the common folks if we remain upon our present path.

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