Will The Federal Government Make It Illegal To Protest Israel?

Will The Federal Government Make It Illegal To Protest Israel?

How far would the elite-owned and operated USA federal government go to support their buddies in Israel? This is a touchy area due to the massive amount of propaganda/indoctrination done in various areas of the USA.

Many religious groups within the USA promote Israel endlessly along with the many pro-Israel entities. The Israeli lobbies influencing the government and the USA people in general are foreign-sourced and based inside the USA using pro-Israel citizens. To what extent will the USA support Israel? Would the Founders nod their heads in approval or would they be aghast at the amount of leverage a foreign country has upon USA affairs?

Anti-Semite is a label used with great effect just as is “racist” or “xenophobe” when one’s opinion is attacked. Not being pro-Israel is too often and easily declared as anti-Israel. I am pro-USA and fed up with the immense sums of our wealth handed over to that foreign country and its influence upon USA affairs. And if certain segments of the USA and a foreign country get their way my writing this could conceivably make me a felon and subject to life-altering punishments.

Will the USA federal government and Israel ever declare war against We, the People?

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