Protect the West! – Unity and Security for America

Protect the West! – Unity and Security for America

Interesting concepts. I know nothing about the organization and people involved other than what is revealed at their Web site.

Unity & Security for America takes an America First approach to defending Western Civilization including its history, culture, principles and peoples. We believe that rampant immigration is bursting our civilization at its seams. Unnecessary foreign interventions and attacks on Western history and heritage are detrimental to the survival of the tradition which brought us reason, logic, medicine, human rights and took us into outer space.

The graphic below led to a Web search that revealed ongoing affairs in Charlottesville, VA (I assume it is VA and not a Charlottesville in a different state).

My Web search led to a herd of Web sites with various viewpoints and approach to the ongoing affairs that have led to the ongoing country-wide problems and appearance of Alt-Right, Antifa and other entities small and big and in-between. There has been violence in the streets with contentious groups beating upon each other.

The violence became noticeable to me when the anti-Trump folks regularly attacked Trump supporters. The news constantly tossed out horrors as folks were harmed and the police appeared to do little to protect the rights of peacefully assembling folks.

I believe that those attacks are providing fuel that light anger’s fire within the common folks of the USA. There are other events that fan the flames of anger that has been smoldering a lengthy time.

I regularly mention the complexity of life within the USA. So many events and affairs that affect our lives while the common folks are mere pawns in games played by forces of incredibly immense wealth and power.

If that event occurs as envisioned by the promoters (see poster above) I expect counter-protestors to descend upon the scene prepared to harm folks peacefully assembling. Maybe the time is drawing close when we have to select a side and prepare for battle. The Founders wrote what to do when tyrants arise and spit upon the masses. Do you feel spit upon? How about at the socioeconomic class level? Are the people of your position being spit upon? I encourage folks to add comments. That spot is farther down; just scroll a bit. I only delete comments with foul language. Mere disagreement with me does not lead to comment denial.


2 comments on “Protect the West! – Unity and Security for America

  1. Jo-Anne Aguirre says:

    Great article and the only one left about this new group unity and security of America because Google Yahoo FB have all taken down there websites to prove that they are not a white supremist Neo-Nazi or KKK

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  2. obbop says:

    The elite-class that owns the corporate systems also control the hired lackeys working within those corporations. The immense social, cultural and political power wielded by those corporations easily squashes the puny efforts of us mere citizens. If the Founders could have envisioned the immense power of future corporations I believe they would have placed limitations upon those corporations within the Constitution to protect We, the People from the many ways the corporate structure has to control all levels of government.


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