Mom Blogger Burns Teen Vogue Magazine Over Anal Sex Tutorial!

Most of the various media within the USA is owned by an elite class and the lackeys those elites have serving them operating those media obey their masters. Please note the enormous influence those various media have upon the USA as a whole. Never have so few had so much power over so many.

Teach your kids, do not allow self-serving EVIL tyrants lording over us do the teaching. Sadly, too few parents are doing what they can to nullify the garbage relentlessly spewed by those tyrannical filth. What can We, the People, the too few who give a damn what is happening to the USA and all within, do to prevent the USA from continuing on the path we are forced to tread? Surely if the Founders were to reappear among us they would step to the forefront to assemble and guide us.

Where is the much-needed cohort of New Founders to lead the way?

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