Erie Police: 14-Year Old Killed Teen For Bicycle

Erie Police: 14-Year Old Killed Teen For Bicycle

Reverse the images. I believe that the media and rioters and civic “leaders would scream in outrage about the “hate crime.” Have you noticed a growing outrage against what statistics inform us is a too-often feral, bestial violent cohort infecting/infesting the USA? My observation and opinion may be wrong, I admit.

Erie teen Sanders gets 35 years to life for first-degree murder

Jacob Pushinsky’s shooter, 15-year-old Derrys Sanders Jr., on Friday received a sentence of 35 years to life in prison. The mandatory maximum sentence of life means Sanders will remain on parole for the rest of his life if he is released from prison. Sanders will be eligible for parole after he serves 35 years.

The sentence, from Senior Erie County Judge Shad Connelly, was in the standard range of the state sentencing guidelines. Connelly also sentenced Sanders to pay more than $15,000 in fines and in restitution to Pushinsky’s family for medical costs.

Hirz said Sanders had shown “coldhearted, callous behavior.” She referred to phone calls Sanders made from the Erie County Prison in which he asked his mother to put up a sympathetic picture of him on Facebook and said he would continue robbing people when he was released.

Connelly cited Sander’s “troubling” prior record, including behavioral issues stretching back to when Sanders was 7 years old, in deciding the sentence.

“Everything we’ve seen up to this point … indicates that between the ages of 7 and 15, if you’ve changed, it’s been for the worse,” Connelly said. “At this point, there is no question that you are a clear and present danger to this community.”

These sentences do not appear to influence others to not perform the same or similar horrid crimes. I wonder if those years were spent performing grueling HARD LABOR with no entertainment allowed and edible but non-delicious food AND show these MANY feral beasts of all colors and ethnicities via broadcast, cable and satellite TV for all to see 24/7 MIGHT make a few feral scum decide that these horrific crimes are not worth committing.

For some societal scum public hanging is called for. Just ensure that there is NO POSSIBILITY that an innocent person is executed. If there is ANY doubt put them in the hard labor camp.

Or are you one of those warm-fuzzy hug everybody soft-hearted and soft-headed types who condone the predators around us. If you are, get away from me. In a roundabout way those of your ilk are partially responsible for the existence of a weak society that allows the wolves to eat the sheep.

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