A comment left at a message board

I wonder how that evil anti-USA anti-freedom anti-everything that is not Moslem filth CAIR is going to spin this shit to make yet another filthy vile Moslem appear as wonderful and caring and set-upon by the evil Westerners and evil USA.


I would exult in a wondrous way if their headquarters had a natural gas leak that went BOOM with the thick exterior walls containing the explosion ensuring no innocents were immolated by the Allah-wills-it fireball incinerating all Moslem life within.

A dead Moslem is a beautiful thing, As are dead Somalis inside the USA.

Do a Web search for the MANY negatives accruing to the USA and its residents due to the importation of those filth.

Multiculturalism and diversity is a scam imposed upon us by traitor elite tyrants and their lackeys.

War has been declared upon us.

Where are the patriot military officers willing to cast off their indoctrination and read the Founder’s words about what MUST BE DONE when tyranny and tyrants raise their evil ugly heads.

Strong words but perhaps brought on by knowledge about the multitude of negatives committed by Somalians brought into the USA by tyrant lackeys who never asked We, the People if WE wanted them brought in.  These foreign-to-Western ways Moslems have been a net negative to the USA in many ways. If curious do some Web searching and discover that the elite-owned mass media will report locally but never will you see a mass broadcast showing the accumulated atrocities and horrors committed to what I can only describe as an enemy to Western cultures and traditions and an enemy to the stability of the USA and the decent folks within.

Folks, this stuff is extremely complicated and impossible to cover in a mere blog. I urge you to use the Web and formulate your own opinion regarding the ongoing diversity and multiculturalism scam used by evil tyrants to make them all-powerful over the mass of common folks well-indoctrinated with accepting ALL our “leaders” force upon us. The future is bleak, I fear, if the ongoing events of tyrants spitting upon us continues.

Somali Cop Mohamed Noor Shoots MN Woman Dead as She Was Speaking to His Partner



Diversity and multiculturalism is destroying the USA for the common folks. The elite ruling class uses it as a weapon to increase their power over We, the People allowing tyrants to lord over us. The insanity must end.

Where are the patriot military officers?

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