congressandimmgration.com_The dark side 10

As this paper as detailed, there is a dark side of illegal immigration that is inflicting massive human and economic costs on America. If you don’t think the collateral damage being inflicted is worth saving ten cents on a head of lettuce it is now your responsibility to convince others because doing something about it will require significant changes in attitudes amongst the powers that can actually do something about it.

Illegals and their supporters marching to express their demands that illegal alien invaders remain within the USA and to open the borders to all who want to enter. Yes, those filth are that stupid and pose a very severe threat to the USA’s existence. We, the People are at war though our political leadership and their elite class and corporate masters refuse to accept this fact.  We are surrounded by traitors who are leading the USA into the abyss of destruction.

Destruction for the 314-million common folks while the one-percent or so of the elite class and their few million willing lackey servants will live in luxury as our overlords.

Divide and conquer the mass of citizens using many millions of invaders to batter us down economically and assist in dividing the USA into many bickering sub-groups unable to unite to fight the tyranny enveloping us.



Illegals and their supporters pull down the USA flag at the Montebello, California post office and show where their loyalties lay when they fly the Mexico flag. A house divided can not stand.

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