“Yes, Virginia (Dare), There Is Such A Thing As White Genocide”

“Yes, Virginia (Dare), There Is Such A Thing As White Genocide” – White GeNOcide Project

I believe the arguments for preserving the general way of life found in Western countries would reach a more receptive audience if the term “White” was replaced with another term such as “Western Culture.”

Powerful tyrannical forces are constantly using every trick and scam to divide and conquer We, the People. We are becoming the house divided and destined to fall thus vastly increasing the wealth and power of the few overlords whose army of lackeys operate the systems of command and control that keep the USA operating on a day-to-day basis.

What I am trying to convey is extremely complicated and it is difficult to find a few definitive sources offering undeniable proof of what I declare. I offer various articles, essays, etc. in this blog for you to examine and derive your own opinions from.

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