Survey reveals Australians don’t give a shit about third world Africans

Survey reveals Australians don’t give a shit about third world Africans | F169BBS

Omitting subjective emotionality that casts aside all rational and logical thinking is there any to much truth within the comment seen below?


Africa generates aid fatigue.

There’s never a time when there isn’t war, famine, genocide, disease, terrorism, insurrection, dictatorship, kleptocracy somewhere in Africa. The end result is always the same. Fat-bellied babies with flies on their eyes and anguished mothers weeping in despair. Pitiful requests for money from fraught, fattened Westerners.

Every year billions of dollars in aid is given by Western taxpayers, via governments, UN agencies, religious affiliates, non-profit organisations (sic) and private individuals.

Does it make a difference? Not in the long run. Year in, year out, there will be appeals to un-fuck-up a continent.

The best solution would be for the West to re-colonise Africa, but these days you can get a bullet in the back of the head for thinking it.

Another option would be to ignore Africa in totality and allow other countries to concern themselves with the world’s problems. The USA concerns itself with Israel and other affairs where Moslems are involved and look what that results in; the USA and its people repeatedly attacked, maimed and killed and an apparently never-ending war on the other side of the world. Who and what is urging idiotic USA politicians to interact with the world as we do? Are the masses of common citizens of the USA… the proverbial “We, the People” who are not a part of the equation when idiotic political leaders keep spitting upon us…

EXTREMELY complex topics, folks. And making it hard to figure things out is the propaganda/indoctrination all of us have been immersed within from birth to accept the existing ruling/power structure of the USA that is so beneficial to a small minority of us while the rest of us are mere tools used for the benefit of the tyrannical overlords.

On a positive note; at least we don’t exist in North Korea or Somalia or some other Hell-hole. Things sure could be worse but… things could be better. Think about it.

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