Dem operative on shooting: ‘Hunt Republican congressman’

Dem operative on shooting: ‘Hunt Republican congressman’

From the comment board is a comment responding to others that I replied to. The “conversation” had veered from the news story’s topic to semi-related content. Here is the comment that I replied to:

Reduce Gun Violence? Chicago has some of the toughest gun control in the country and people are being wiped out there by the thousands.
President Obabarama (retired) wants the whole U.S. to be like Chicago.
BTW…. You mentioned Randy Weaver about the sawed off shotgun? Two undercover FBI’s harassed him and nagged him over and over and over on this shotgun they wanted sawed off. He told them to do it themselves. Finally he gave in and then was promptly arrested. What many do not know? His Court Date was moved up without him being properly notified. When he did not show up? He became a fugitive. An FBI agent actually resigned after being disgusted by these tactics. Randy Weaver still went to prison for the shotgun. After his release? The government paid millions of dollars in a settlement for the murder of his wife and son. It is hard to believe that our government would do all this. But sadly, it happened.

And here is my reply”

What you write is accurate. The elite- and corporate owned political system of the USA HATES us commoners who have the nerve to not be their obedient slaves and the thought of We, the People having weaponry that allows common folks to defy tyrants… as advised by the Founders via their writings… strikes fear in their greedy, evil self-serving minds.

An army of lackeys well-rewarded by the systems corrupted by the tyrants serve their tyrannical masters and ignore the basic freedoms bestowed upon the masses of common folks by the Constitution AND the culture that created the scene allowing the Constitution. Corruption continues along with the weapons of diversity and multiculturalism allowing the few to lord over a squabbling, bickering mass of disunited people. I fear for the USA’s future as the tyrants garner evermore wealth and power.

Consider this post as yet another effort by an adherent to the:



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