Social justice icon TrigglyPuff a Zionist?

Social justice icon TrigglyPuff a Zionist?

An essay that started a message board thread. Embedded within the title topic is found what I consider to be an accurate description of the folks many label as “social justice warriors” (SJW). Fearing that the essay may be deleted or unavailable in the future I am taking the liberty to copy the vital portion and place it here. Thank you to the writer who used a moniker to identify his/her/it/otherself. Damn… this modernity of self-description is confusing. Maybe the smart person is the hermit living a life of isolation and removing one’s self from the idiocy inundating all humanity.

Up to 2016, Universities and colleges in the United States and Europe succumbed to years of upright leftist hippie brainwashing and are now the havens for young people deeply devoted to Social Justice activism. For these people, the main cause of everything that is wrong with the world is the dreadful Capitalist Cishet Christian White Male Patriarchy which is the cause of oppression, bigotry, inequality and discrimination of diverse, disenfranchisedcommunities (LGBTIQ+, People of Color, Latinos, Asians, Muslims, the Not conventionally beautiful, the Disabled, etc.), and so every single aspect of the human civilization (from science and religion to leisure activities like television, animation, comedy, tabletop and video games) must be invested in fighting the alleged perpetrators of such conducts and bring back the voices of the underprivileged.

This unholy union of Feminism, Marxism, entitlement and race Self-hate, created a plethora of militant unfunny buzzkills whose only purpose in life is to impose their twisted worldview onto others using whatever dirty tactics they can (lies, bigotry accusations, character assassination, ad-hominem and libel) and, at the same time, to pose as victims of undeserved harassment, as they claim their lives are put in jeopardy any single time someone who can see through their bullshit, exposes them as the lazy, egotistical, hero complex ridden and cruel f*cks they really are.

Paradoxically, by trying to be “non-conformist” to consumerist standards of beauty, they uniformed themselves to the point they’re easily identifiable, and in the case of “womyn”, the odds that a “curvaceous” girl with dyed hair, tattoos, thick frame glasses, piercings and has a Tumblr profile where she discusses her pansexual and genderqueer sexual preferences, is in fact a Social Justice Warrior are near to 100%. Important examples are Big Red, Laci Green, Zoe Quinn, Anita $arkeesian, Rebecca Watson, Nostalgia Chick, Randi Harper and the main topic of this article.


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