Matthew Heimbach: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Matthew Heimbach: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Recently stumbled upon Heimbach and the controversies he creates in some folks. When I read the Southern Poverty Law Center lambasting the guy I know there is likely at least some good within the fellow. That SPLC is, to me, a disgusting flock of wealth-hungry fiends who are quick to give loathsome labels such as “racist” and worse to people and organizations chosen for attack. Just my opinion, of course.

Curiosity led to a couple hours of Web wandering where I learned a minute amount about the Heimbach fellow. I agreed with some of his views and disagreed with others; the same thing that occurs with every human I meet. Some of his views will be considered radical by many but embedded within that radicalness are some views I can agree with and some that if altered a bit would become acceptable.

A frequent occurrence lately is leaving a post and returning to finish later. I shall repeat that now. Patience, people! However, for the curious and the self-initiative to garner knowledge a Web search using the bloke’s name will lead you to all that I could possible find and present here. If interested… go for it!!! You are encouraged to drop by and share with us anything you find and/or your opinion  or whatever in the comment section below. For lengthy stuff place the stuff in your own blog (create one of required) and leave a message below with a link to your more in-depth stuff.

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