A reply to a comment at a message board far away

I postulate that the USA masses are merely the most well-indoctrinated horde in the entire world.

Gulags not needed in the USA… not the type dictators use. The tyrannical elites control of information distribution channels ensures that only a few individuals retain their own thought processes thus minimizing any threat to the ruling overlords and their command-control systems.

The K-12 indoctrination systems are in the hands of the lackeys and bureaucrats who follow the dictates of the tyrants whose federal-level education bureaucracy ensures the vile spawn of commoners become vapid insipid consumers whose thought processes are turned away from thoughts of battling the tyranny perched over them.


The socialization and acculturation processes that commence as soon as the spawn erupts from the womb creates the future commoner that is used and abused as the tyrannical overlords deem fit to use. Luckily, the general cultures that created the USA have decided that the carrot-stick approach has the best, most profitable results. USA overlords are mostly benevolent. We, the People are slaves in a way but the lash can usually be avoided by shunning unapproved behaviors.

There are far worse places to dwell than the USA but the tyrannical overlords common across the planet exist here and their power is immense. When the overlords OR their lackeys become fearful of the commoners violence IS used as USA history continuously proves. Unlike Stalin and his minions who scourged millions USA tyrants/lackeys merely murder a few and use the power of their propaganda systems to remind the commoners who the “boss” is within the USA.

The tyrants have isolated themselves via their systems to make one of their tools, government at all levels and the bureaucracies within, appear to be the “bad guys.”

The systems have become so powerful that they have taken on a life of their own… as is found with monolithic corporations and the many organizations and associations that hire ex-politicians and bureaucrats.

The scam that is the USA IS mostly benevolent but a scam it is and will always be unless extreme measures are taken. The complexity of the scam assists the scammers. Convoluted and complex the many-facets aspects of the command-control systems assists those using those systems to garner immense wealth and power at the expense of the common folks.

It will take far better minds than mine to adequately describe the scam’s intricacies and how best to defeat the tyrants and their lackeys and their systems used to spit upon We, the People.

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