Why is diversity and multiculturalism forced upon We, the People

I can not prove the statements to follow. Decide for yourself if they me be fully or partially accurate. I am starting this entry now to ensure I remember the topic and return to finish later.

Initiated by propaganda spewed by the PBS TV output I so often despise I was reminded how many USA long-time citizens are often mad enough at government actions and inactions to actually suggest that full-scale revolt by We, the People may be needed.

Recent immigrants often from foreign cultures that tend to be subservient to government as part of their culture are entering the USA at history high levels. Illegals have been allowed to invade the USA by the millions and those folks are not going to fight for freedom of USA citizens?

Folks, this topic is complicated and convoluted and I fear a full-length book would be required to convey all the aspects of the ongoing  events that lead me to believe that traitorous tyrants with a lust for even more power and wealth are actively trying to turn the 314-million or so common folks of the USA into complacent sheep who obey their masters and bleat their delight with their overlords.

More to come as I refine my thoughts.

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