Continued Crime in the Rough Parts of Cities

Mayor Asking FBI For Help With Investigating City Crime, Rising Murder Rate


A job at a basic livable wage for all except the most seriously disabled. No more hand-outs. Work or go hungry. Commit a crime for financial gain and the punishment will be extremely severe with sentences to HARD LABOR camps up to a lifetime.

Enforce the laws equally.

Consider a form of the Depression-era CCC or WPA where folks can get training, get away from the city, do constructive work, have a large portion of their wages placed into savings as a grubstake when leaving the program, have strong discipline with ex-military leaders, sharp uniforms to wear when marching with pride in the local 4th of July parade and other events, badges and medals to be earned and worn with pride that are accompanied by a pay raise… the basic carrot/stick approach that works with most folks.

I hope the “leaders” of the USA would devote less attention to the corporations and the wealthy elites and consider the good of the lower classes and the USA as a whole. Free hand-outs do not work in the long-run. Let folks develop self-pride and a sense of accomplishment. When the crowds lining the parade route shout and cheer and applaud those sharply-dressed CCC folks with their medals and badges proudly worn following the USA and their battalion flag the pride within those folks will assist them in their life endeavors.

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