David Ray Harris. Deserved to die…

Source: David Ray Harris | Murderpedia, the encyclopedia of murderers

Mays was able to free himself, picked up a pistol, and confronted Harris in the parking lot. Both men exchanged fire. Mays was struck five times, the last from a distance of 12–24 inches, and died from his wounds. Harris was hit in the neck and arm, jumped in his truck, and fled. Lockard escaped unharmed.”

Mark Mays fought to the death to save his lady friend. So sad he did not emerge unharmed with that foul filth Harris dying on the ground. Who knows what horrors awaited Roxanne Lockard if Harris had taken her away.

A hero died that day. Honor his name.

I wonder if Harris’ final words before entering death were a reference to Mays?

Final Words:

“Sir, in honor of a true American hero, ‘let’s roll. Lord Jesus receive my spirit. I’m done.”

If they were not they should have been.

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