Four Million New Jobs!!!

Saturday morning, May 5, 2012.

Listening to “Weekend Edition” on National Public Radio (NPR).

Your Disgruntled Old Coot listens to NPR a lot.

Not the “classical music” those stations tend to play. Nope. Not my music-type.

I DO like the news and non-music offerings.

Well, most of those.

That Lake Wobegon and the humor-type shows bore me.

I want to hear about current events and coverage of regular folks.

Piss on the celebrities and sport stars etc.

I would rather hear about the “common folks” that most of the mass media tends to ignore.

I am eagerly awaiting Car Talk hosted by Click n Clack.

Here is a handy site to assist your finding the show—>  Hi!!

“Coot, why are you posting about your choice for on-line radio listening? Are you trying to get us to listen to NPR?”

Again I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, added a question that was not asked by the surely huge horde of readers but is but a question I believe should be asked.

I heard a brief babbling about the “official” unemployment rate (in other words, propaganda and lies in an attempt to make the masses believe that those wielding the most wealth and power in the USA deserve to continue the status quo that economically rapes so many of us).

I noticed that yet again no mention of the million-plus yearly legal immigrants nor the many millions of illegals in competition with We, the People for jobs.

Of course, it is mostly the lowest classes, the working-poor and unemployed desperate for any job who suffer the most from all types of immigration.

The unemployment rate slipped a notch to 8.1 percent in April, but not because employers went on a hiring spree.

 Instead, the jobless rate appeared to improve because fewer people were applying for positions. Last month, the civilian labor force shrank by 342,000 people.

 Economists say many of those workforce dropouts were “discouraged” workers who moved to the sidelines after months, even years, of trying to nail down jobs.”

Read the  entire story—> Here

I read where the lap-dog lackey figureheads for the ruling elites, corporate USA, special-interest groups, etc. have their hired loyal-to-money bureaucratic minions create “official data” spewing froth about X amount of jobs created in a one month or more period.

The mass media spews the lies willingly; even the so-called “neutral” public radio.

I wonder if We, the People’s wealth distributed by the elite-owned and operated federal government to NPR assists in NPR playing along with so MANY media outlets and continue the charade, the ongoing indoctrination of the masses.

I read about 28,000 new jobs created in a one month period.

Oh wow. Whoopie.

No mention, of course, that those new jobs do not even match the number of incoming legal immigrants and it is just so politically incorrect to mention the jobs illegals take.

Also, no mention as to what type of jobs are created.

Were some or most of those jobs at pay levels so low that the income isn’t enough to even pay the rent let alone utilities, food, transportation costs, etc?

How about health insurance? Is it included or does the employee pay all or part of the cost?

I have had jobs where the cost of health insurance was so high that if I paid for it I would not have enough left over to pay basic living costs.

Of the 9 employees at my dismantling yard job none had health insurance. It was unaffordable.

Yet the boss, who would not have had a business or any income from that business without our efforts, had plenty of money to buy a million-dollar-plus house and to air freight two Harley-Davidson motorcycles several states away.

And the boss and his wife flew down on a different airplane for a couple weeks of riding; then the motorcycles were flown back home.

After that, I was not the only employee who left but decent jobs that paid more then the minimum needed to just survive were rare and decreasing.

If unemployment was computed the way BLS did it prior to 1994, the true unemployment rate (according to would be 22.2%. I wonder why the mainstream media feels compelled to only do stories that support government statistics. There is bona fide analysis that can show government numbers are rigged to make things look better than reality.

Read more—> 9% Unemployment Rate is a Statistical Lie

The elite owned and operated federal government does lie to We, the People.

Another method those scum filth use is the “error of omission”.

A very effective method of lying since there is nothing needing remembering if the lie has to be repeated later.

Just leave out information; do not mention it at all.

I have seen this tactic used a LOT over the years when media of all types do not mention that, for example, the perpetrator of the rape of a 10-year-old girl was caught and was tied to the crime via ample evidence that when confronted with the suspect admitted to the brutal rape of a young girl.

I used Google and found several different sources mentioning the horrible crime.

Two of them mentioned the perpetrator was in the USA illegally.

Are you aware of other types, styles or events when the federal government via its owners or their lackeys lied to We, the People?

I fear that we are flooded with lies or errors of omission.

The lying is just a small part of the life-long indoctrination that has convinced so many USA citizens that everything is fine.

Then the citizen-sheep do nothing when, yet again, the unAmerican scum vermin supposedly running the USA in the interests of the USA and its citizens are actually spitting upon, taking advantage of us mere commoners.

And one aspect of the ruling masters is how they stay safely at home; relying upon the common folks to defend supposed USA interests overseas.

So many We, the People bleeding on foreign soil.


The Web is full of discussions, debates, essays, opinions and so much more about the USA involvement in foreign affairs and USA military interventions in other countries.

However, it is easy to send others to fight, die, return home minus legs, arms, both and other injuries.

Unless the USA is attacked We, the People, must not blindly follow the so-called leadership in their too-often idiotic self-serving foreign ventures that kills and harms too many of us common folks.

Our lives are apparently meaningless to those greedy power-hungry vermin scum in their power positions.


EDITORIAL: More phony job numbers

The White House crowed on Friday about the unemployment rate dropping a 10th of a percent. At the same time, the number of people out of the labor force reached a record high. The Obama administration can report all the funny numbers it wants, but the American people know in their guts that things are getting much worse.

 A recovering economy is supposed to create jobs, not shed them. According to government math, 115,000 new jobs were added in April. But over the same period, 522,000 people dropped out of the labor force and were not counted as unemployed. This accounting trick improved the official unemployment rate but left America with a record 88.4 million in the uncounted jobless category. Currently, over 35 percent of Americans are out of the labor force, and the number is increasing.”

Follow the link above for all of the very interesting commentary The Washington Times printed in its newspaper. I am somewhat surprised a major newspaper took a stance against the putrid, vile, disgusting, self-serving, unAmerican, filthy, foul, putrid, anti-We the People scum political figureheads, their bureaucratic lackeys and all who serve the ruling masters, corporate USA, etc.

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