I Support Sheriff Joe Arpaio

This blog consists of MY opinions, not those of Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Arizona.

Here is a press release from Sheriff Arpaio’s office:

100 West Washington, Suite 1900, Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Phone: (602) 876-1801 Fax: (602) 258-2081

Media Contact: MediaRequest@MCSO.Maricopa.Gov

Date: April 3, 2012






(Phoenix, AZ) A series of meetings between representatives for Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and the U.S. Department of Justice were slated to begin tomorrow to discuss ways to resolve allegations of racial profiling by Sheriff’s employees.

But hours before the first meeting, Deputy Assistant Attorney General Roy Austin of the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division called Arpaio’s attorneys with an ultimatum. Austin stated that it was absolutely mandatory for the Sheriff’s Office to agree to have an outside monitor otherwise there is no reason for further meetings.

Appointment of an outside monitor essentially usurps the powers and duties of an elected Sheriff and transfers them to a person or group of persons selected by the federal government. Every policy decision, every operation, every new program in the jails and in enforcement, virtually everything would have to be approved by the monitor, nullifying the authority of the elected Sheriff and eviscerating the will of the citizens of Maricopa County.

“I am the constitutionally and legitimately elected Sheriff and I absolutely refuse to surrender my responsibility to the federal government. And so to the Obama administration, who is attempting to strong arm me into submission only for its political gain, I say, ‘This will not happen, not on my watch!’”

100 West Washington, Suite 1900, Phoenix, Arizona 85003

Phone: (602) 876-1801 Fax: (602) 258-2081

Media Contact: MediaRequest@MCSO.Maricopa.Gov

Sheriff’s Deputy Director and Attorney Jack MacIntyre says a federal monitor is the most extreme proposal, particularly in light of the fact that the federal government has refused to provide any details or proof as to how they came to the conclusion that Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office employees engage in patterns and practices of racial profiling as well as other unsupported claims that the DOJ has widely publicized.

MacIntyre stated “We have never agreed to a monitor replacing the duly elected Sheriff. We have always been open to negotiating these issues raised by the DOJ, but never the appointment of a monitor.” END

Sheriff Arppaio merely seeks out, apprehends and attempts to deport illegal alien invaders of the USA.

The invaders are especially harmful to the USA citizens of the lower socio-economic classes; the working-poor and the unemployed.

I lived and worked among the illegals while living in California.

I was among the invaders for decades where I mostly got along well with them since I shunned activities, events and places where the too-frequent illegal alien law-breakers tended to gather.

Sadly, so many of the illegals did engage in illegal practices for monetary gain and news reports so often mentioned that the perpetrator of vile crimes such as murder, rape of adults and underage victims with pre-teen and early teen girls especially favored (my friend’s 12-year-old daughter was assaulted but escaped and the illegal alien who assaulted her caught).

The economic harm caused by tilting the economic balance of supply/demand regarding labor and housing to the favor of the landlords and employers hurt myself and a multitude of other USA citizens at the bottom of the socio-economic hierarchy.

Then there is the “ethnic aspect.”

I was a reviled Gringo and USA citizen.

I was shot at for being in the illegal alien’s section of town and forced to run for my life.

The “cult of machismo” led to frequent physical confrontations when male Chicanos confronted me to prove their superiority at fighting.

Thus, from 4th-grade onwards street fighting was a common occurrence I wearied of.

I did become very proficient at street brawling.

Luckily it was an era now labeled as the days of the “OGs,” Old Gangstas’ though, of course, that term was not used back when fists and feet were the main “weapons” and guns and knives were often rarely used.

Nowadays, well, read the news stories.

The intrusive federal forces obeying the figurehead politicians in the federal government who well-serve their masters; the ruling elite class, corporate USA, wealthy/powerful special-interest groups etc. are attempting to impose their pro-illegal alien invader agenda upon a modern-day patriot; Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Patriot Joe is fighting back the best he can.

He has a multitude of supporters but the well-indoctrinated citizen-sheep and the emotion-laden also well-indoctrinated politically correct (PC) mob are bleating out their displeasure of Sheriff Joe defending our once-sovereign country against what can only be labeled as an ongoing invasion of the USA.

I support Sheriff Joe and all those within his domain; deputies, jail workers and we can not forget the clerks and telephone answerers. All those who are assisting in repelling an invasion that has led to many MILLIONS of invaders inside the USA.

And sadly, the lackey figurehead main lap-dog of the ruling masters; President Obama (and before him previous presidents also obeyed their masters and were well-rewarded financially by their masters after leaving office. All done legally but at the expense of We, the People).

I support Sheriff Joe in every way I can but the HUGE mass of well-indoctrinated citizen sheep, the PC mob and the HUGE bureaucracies created to support the ruling masters, their minions and figurehead politicians are formidable foes.

Sheriff Joe has the backbone to stand up to the unAmerican, anti-We the People powerful forces being sent against him.

Citizens, I urge you to defend the USA, not the ruling masters who are spitting upon us.

Defend a fellow patriot.

Please support Sheriff Joe Arpaio in any way you can.

Sheriff Joe’s Web site—>  Here

From Sheriff Joe’s Web site;

“In 1992, Arpaio successfully campaigned to become the Sheriff of Maricopa County. Since then he has been reelected to an unprecedented five 4-year terms. During his tenure as Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arpaio has consistently earned high public approval ratings.

 With over five decades experience in law enforcement, Arpaio knows what the public wants, “The public is my boss,” he says, “so I serve the public.”

Joe does not serve the ruling class masters that have basically taken control of the USA federal government (a few but not enough exceptions exist).

“In addition to these tough measures, the Sheriff has launched rehabilitative programs like “Hard Knocks High,” the only accredited high school under a Sheriff in an American jail, and ALPHA, an anti-substance-abuse program that has greatly reduced recidivism.”

Many of the criminals in USA prisons never obtained a high school diploma and generally do not have much education or training.

There are many reasons for this from a tough/rough childhood to growing up surrounded by poverty and crime and homes that did not provide a decent upbringing and how about those unfortunate kids who were never loved or taught how to become a decent adult?

So many societal and family defects.

Unwanted kids who basically raised themselves.

Our society has, sadly, left it up to the legal and law-enforcement systems to attempt to “rehabilitate” those whose childhood were such that civil behavior and the skills to be a productive societal member is difficult to impossible.

Also, search the Web for proof of what I write. “Gang bangers” taught to become gang members by parents who were themselves gang bangers and remain proud of their involvement and encourage their kids to also become members of the same gang the parents belonged to!!!

Those parents are often successful. And not all are ex-members! Too many still belong to that gang.

Also, notice that this behavior is typical for the Chicano gangs that are oftn full of illegal aliens.

This behavior and the actions of the gangsters is one of many things Sheriff Joe is fighting, attempting to control.

And federal bureaucracies, politicians, etc. are hindering Sheriff Joe, making his difficult job even harder.

The Feds are actually, in MANY ways, assisting the ongoing invasion of the USA!!!!!

I feel confident id declaring that the USA federal government and many of its bureaucracies are full of TRAITORS to We, the People.

And look, listen and read at the many indoctrinated citizen-sheep bleating their dissatisfaction at Sheriff Joe’s patriotic and much-needed actions.

There are many reasons I advise USA youth to leave the USA. Some of them are mentioned above.

I do not expect a Disgruntled Old Coot’s written warnings to incite others into action.

Then there are the young folks who, from their beginning, did not have much of a “chance” to begin with.

Raised amidst crime, violence, immersed in a sick, perverted society that is in too-many ways becoming more so.


Young folks will likely have to learn the “hard way.”

Years ago, a common method was when the judge offered young offenders of minor crimes the option of jail or enlisting in the military.

When I enlisted in 1974 when I was fresh out of high school at the tender age of 17 (my choice not prompted by the legal system) I noticed that a large percentage of my cohorts had taken the enlisting option instead of going to jail.

I saw that most of them were changed in many ways and likely permanently during the 3-months of boot camp.

I saw young men standing straighter with altered mind-sets.

Pride of self and unit (our boot camp company).

A different outlook on life.

Strict discipline was part of source for this change but the main ones?

1. Feeling needed

2. Feeling wanted

3. Feeling they were useful to others, from the unit, to the Navy and the USA as a whole

4. Being paid for their efforts (rewarded)

There are surely other reasons since people are variable with differing wants, needs, desires, motivators, etc.

The USA’s legal and law-enforcement systems can only do so much in attempting to repair society and family, etc. failings.

I recall that not long ago civil (non-military) boot camps were the latest fad to “turn around” “misguided” youth from criminal activities to lives where law breaking was shunned.

From what I saw and read via the mass media those attempts lacked one aspect of the military bot camp; PAY.

Our society requires pay to meet many needs!

That is one reason I urge the ruling masters and corporate USA to spread the wealth around.

We MUST have jobs paying at least a livable wage to prevent societal breakdown.

But the ruling masters have such an immense amount of wealth that they can isolate themselves from any societal breakdown.

It is We, the People who will suffer immensely.

A social breakdown will allow the masters to attain an oligarchy-type society that would increase their already enormous amounts of wealth and power.

(to be continued. Editing and coherence needs working upon. The topics covered are complex and proof-reading and re-writing of sections needed. Thank you for visiting.)

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