Troops for Ron Paul

Folks who read my words likely notice my general belief that politics as currently conducted will NEVER result in ANY meaningful change in the USA.

I still believe that.

But I still follow current events of all types.

Even a Disgruntled Old Coot huddled in a hovel atop the Ozark Plateau needs to keep his mind occupied.

Bless the Web for its ability to allow access to such a HUGE array of this and that.

While Web wandering I saw the mentions of active-duty military and veterans supporting Ron Paul for President.

It appears to the Coot that, in general, much of the mass media has ignored that support.

So, of course, the call goes out for the Disgruntled Old Coots of the world to make mention of that support for a fellow Old Coot; Ron Paul.

I wonder if he has his Disgruntled Moments.

More than 1,500 supporters showed up at the march on the White House in support of Congressman Paul.” Full article—-> HERE

The article mentions that Ron Paul is the only one of the “mainstream” candidates who is a military veteran.

I believe there is evidence of a growing number of USA citizens tired of the politician lackey figureheads of the ruling class, corporate USA. etc. sending our military overseas.

The cost in blood and dollars is enormous!!!

And many USA citizens are asking; where IS the “danger to our freedoms?”

The issues are many and complex and I will not cover them here.

Doing so would require a Web site thousands of pages long!!!

I am here to offer a few of my opinions and those of others and links to those others and a few videos (often not stated obviously but I hope your reading comprehension level will identify what is Disgruntled Old Coot Opinion(tm).

Have a waffle while reading:

Veterans for Ron Paul 2012 FaceBook site—–>  HERE

Veterans and Military for Ron Paul——->   HERE

Veterans for Ron Paul—->  HERE

The authors of the US Constitution never intended that Washington be the policeman of the world. Thomas Jefferson was very concerned about the dangers of forming entangling alliances. By picking favorites, the US makes enemies of those that are not chosen as special friends. A US military presence in other countries causes dependencies in those countries, and causes resentment when the citizens of those countries do not want a US military presence there.”

Read more of the above———> HERE

Slideshow of Washington DC pics of veteran’s march—–>   Pics

“Media Blackout As Military & Vets For Ron Paul Lead DC March On White House”—> HERE

Many videos about Ron Paul supporters—- HERE

The ability to link to other Web sites has made the Web unique and one of many reasons it is so handy and fun to use. Well, informative, also.

I feel very lucky to have lived in an era where the Web existed.

I wandered onto the Web in late 1995 and have used it extensively ever since.

Happy in the hovel am I. Singing in the shanty with glee. Wheee!!!

(I sing and dance my support for Ron Paul and the handsome wonderful Old Coot)

“So many troops share these views,”—->  HERE

Honey, I voted for Ron Paul today…

Tired of the same old run-around the same old lackey politician figureheads perform while serving their elite-class and corporate masters? Don’t do what the befuddled and indoctrinated masses of USA citizen-sheep do over and over;

Vote Ron Paul and perhaps someone in higher-up political office will finally give some actual consideration to We, the People for a change!!!

Talk to others. Mention Ron Paul and the many active-duty and veteran military folks who support him.

There are also many non-military-related citizens who also support Ron Paul.

Please notice how the “mainstream media,” the almost totally elite-class owned media has chosen to give Ron Paul minimal mention in the ongoing pre-election coverage.

That is but one of many ways the elite-class and corporate USA has GREAT influence over how the MANY indoctrinated citizen-sheep vote.

Think for yourselves, fellow citizens!!!

Do not allow the few at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy to continue their virtual mental enslavement of We, the People!!!

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