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Please… know this before continuing. There are many topics covered within this blog. Some of what I write will surely be despised by some folks. Fine. What I want all who enter this blog to know is that because something is mentioned within does not mean that whatever is mentioned endorses my OPINION(S)!!!!!!!

I have posts about various people and entities and their being mentioned does NOT mean their mere mention in this blog is to be construed as their endorsing my opinion(s).

Also: sites linked to anyplace on or in this blog likely have no idea the link exists and thus that link does NOT indicate that the linked-to site or person(s) running the site agree with or endorse anything within MY blog!!!

I want to make what should be an obviously logical thought OBVIOUS!!!!

The more research I conduct the more I realize that the average reading comprehension level of the typical USA citizen is deplorable. I refuse to write at a 6th- to 8th-grade level even though that appears to be the level to write at to allow the maximum number of readers to understand my words that convey ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions… all the things that words try to convey.

*****END UPDATE*****

Here is a Pinterest page that assists in conveying some of the topics within this blog

I am adding to this sticky page a list of other Web sites that have banned me from commenting in their Web sites’ commenting areas.

I have never used naughty words or “attacked” any other poster.

I believe I have been banned for writing the truth as I interpret what that truth is.

I have noticed that my posts disappear either immediately after posting a comment or later, likely after a moderator sees that the Disgruntled Old Coot has appeared again.

Here is the list of Web sites that have banned me:



http://www.dailymail.co.uk (not totally banned but any comment not supporting the site’s politically correct agenda never appears). Sniff… sob… now none of my comments are appearing. Such is the life of a Disgruntled Old Coot. However, it is fun to soar with eagles while gazing downwards at the huge human herd of imbeciles below.

http://dfw.cbslocal.com  A Dallas, TX area radio station affiliated with CBS. I was likely banned for past posting where I mentioned FACTS about ILLEGAL alien invaders committing a HUGE number of horrid crimes against USA citizens. Sniff.

I suppose I should hide from the truth, from facts, and adopt the mind-set of the well-indoctrinated and brainwashed buffoons who have immersed themselves in the cult of political correctness.  NAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No way.

Screw that radio station’s Web site and all those idiotic brainwashed PC scum!!! May the HUGE horde of rampaging criminal illegal alien invaders who will commit their crimes on whoever is convenient select those who adore those illegals, the PC mob and, especially, the politicians and bureaucrats and USA citizens supporting their ethnically-related invaders placing ethnicity and/or culture FAR above any consideration for the USA. If those crimes are going to happen anyway it seems to Disgruntled Old Me the victims should be the illegal alien lovers.

http://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com   Another “local” appendage of a monolithic media that is using the Disqus message board program.  I have a suspicion that every “cbslocal” Web site has banned my postings.  I read many off-color posts that are allowed to remain.  However, I have committed the grievous sin of endorsing the curtailment of monolithic corporations that I fear are a far greater danger to We, the People than all foreign threats combined.  Every corporate entity that bans my commenting encourages me to counter their propaganda even more.

http://ksmu.org   The local public radio outlet (NPR) that receives YOUR and our money via the tax dollars forced from us via various threats uses an old trick to hide from a banned user that they have been banned.

I see my comment on my usual Web browser with the cookie(s) in it placed there by the Web site. I opened up a Web browser I seldom use without the KSMU cookie and, voila, no comment to be seen.

Again, despite being civil and not using foul language etc. I have been banned by writing TRUTH. Beware of the politically correct scum of the USA. They are evil and readily censor anything not meeting their agenda. It is obvious to me that the USA mass media has been invaded by PC vermin.

http://www.wired.com   I wonder what I did to anger this Web site?  A few Web sites banish me yet some Web sites where I posted regular comments but over time left and did not return contacted me via the e-mail I registered with and invited me to return with some of those sites that I stopped posting at but only read others’ comments had comment entries asking what had happened to Obbop and stating they missed my commenting.

Of course, none of those sites were of the politically correct (PC) variety. All it takes is one moderator with the authority to do so to become banished. If a Web site is not PC but a moderator is that brainwashed buffoon can impose his or her addled mentality upon others.

http://www.news-leader.com  The Springfield, Missouri daily newspaper. Akin to the other media in this area it seems to me, in my opinion, that local media has grabbed onto and embraced political correctness. One aspect of political correctness is to embrace illegal aliens and place them in the best possible light while minimizing or ignoring crimes illegal aliens commit.

With decades of experience living and working among illegals within California and 9-years of research about illegals I placed some factual, well-written comments on the local newspaper’s Web site at the too-few stories about illegals; most of which were positive stories that slanted facts and/or omitted ANY negatives about illegals. Being truthful and knowledgeable about the topic led to my “sneaky” banishment. Posts appearing on my cookie-included browser appear but view the same page with a non-cookied browser and the comment is missing while the other comments from non-banned folks can be seen. Thus I am the ONLY reader who can read my comment. All others will not see it.

Typical cowardly PC behavior. Not enough old-fashioned guts to inform a guy he is banned. I hope the wimps at that newspaper and their offspring end up immersed within a HORDE of illegals of the type I grew up amongst and suffered with until my late 30s; street fighting regularly from 4th-grade onwards.

http://www.time.com  I am on a roll!!!! Another Web site not allowing my comments. No moderator reading a comment disapproved then tossed into the trash. Any comment I leave appears but refresh the page or return later and… no Old Coot Comment!!!

Many “mainstream” Web sites are owned by wealthy elite-class scum, vile, putrid vermin who, in my opinion, place profit above everything. Even human lives as I ascertained during my decades of exploring USA history.

Perhaps those greedy vile scum are fearful of my writing the truth about the ongoing class war within the USA and other negatives that are so wonderful to the few atop the socio-economic hierarchy as they skim immense amounts of wealth from the despised commoners at the bottom levels.

Of course, I can only guess as to why these sites ban my comments. I have only my opinion to declare but darn it; it IS my opinion and it is as opinionated as any opinions floating around.

http://www.ocregister.com   August 24, 2012. An infamous day for yet another Web site banning a commenter for writing TRUTH. It is merely conjecture but I would not be surprised if the one banning my logical, rational well-written comment telling of an event when California Chicanos attacked me is either a Chicano or one of the many well-indoctrinated politically correct buffoons who fear facts.

When the truth confronts warm-fuzzy feel-good idiocy if the one controlling the event is a politically correct doofus the truth loses. Not all Chicanos support the invading horde from the South.

Even Cesar Chavez of the United Farm Workers frequently requested that the southern border be sealed since the constant influx of workers critically hurt his attempts to improve farm worker wages. The economic law of supply/demand almost always harms the working-poor class in the USA while many of the greedy goons at the top of the socio-economic hierarchy control many of the economic laws and use them to assist their greedy and power-hungry causes.

And the list keeps growing!!!!  Wheee!!! I must be doing something right to offend so many corporate brainwashed droids who are subservient to their masters and are likely imbued with ample political correctness and are happy bleating citizen-sheep so content with those mental slave chains they apply to themselves and are so proud of that state of being.

“Shut up, Coot. Who is the latest airhead banning you?”

http://blogs.discovermagazine.com   I do not know if the non-blog comment areas of the Discover Web site has banned me and I do not purposefully add comments in an attempt to be banned or to learn if past comments led to a ban I have not become aware of yet.

I mention bans as I learn of them while Web wandering and placing comments I feel compelled to leave.

Those comments are not intended to cause a banning.

Return again to follow the unfolding tale of a Disgruntled Old Coot shunned by so many but, happily in my opinion, banned by mental midgets likely well-indoctrinated by various nefarious forces that strive to enslave the minds of many.

Sadly, for freedom and all that is good, so many people on this Earth are too-easily mentally invaded and allow others to fill their miniscule minds with whatever that invader desires.

Was it the Pogo critter via his artist/author who declared: “We have met the enemy, and he is us”?

http://www.reuters.com  And another one!!!  I always wrote civilly in a manner that has not been banned at many other Web sites so I can only conclude some politically correct cubical-infesting corporate droid was offended by my posting what, to me and my experiences and extensive reading/research, was the truth.

Opinions written backed up by real-life experience and/or knowledge obtained via research. Remember, folks, in many venues illegal aliens are “protected species” who are not to be mentioned when one of the enormous numbers of heinous crimes they commit against USA citizens occurs.

Also, in some cases, do not write concern or warnings about the ruling-class masters inflicting severe economic damage upon the masses of common folks they economically rape daily. Nation-wide media and many local media are often owned by the HUGE ultra-wealthy and powerful elites or local elites whose influence is that… local.

They use their power to assist in keeping the masses of citizen-sheep well-brainwashed. “We’re sorry. Your account has been banned from commenting” Yeah… real sorry. But, thank you for yet another piece of evidence the USA mass and local media assist in enslaving the masses and to indoctrinate those folks with life-long propaganda.

Yes… the most dangerous foes threatening We, the People are among us. Inside the USA. The ruling-elite class, corporate USA and their many minions, cohorts and lackeys.

http://newyork.cbslocal.com  Another cbs.local-type Web site has banned my wonderful, clearly-written commenting. Maybe the entire network of local outlets is tied into a larger corporate structure that has taken the steps needed to ensure my incredibly nifty comments do not appear on any Web site related to the CBS corporation.

Maybe KGB would be a more apt acronym since the banishment / censorship is one of many methods used by many HUGE corporate entities to retain their wealthy and powerful positions among the entities upon the planet.

And to keep their evil, unholy relationship with their buddies in an evil and unholy-in-many-ways BIG USA federal government. Maybe my commenting about the many evils of some corporations within the USA was the reason for my banishment.

The KGB sent undesirables to Siberia when those folks did the banish routine. Murder was another method of control. Well, the USA elites have used murder as a control tactic to maintain their status quo so I should be thankful for merely being banned instead of having a hit-woman sent to whack me.

Boom…thud, one dead Disgruntled Old Coot bleeding on the floor of his shanty. USA history shows that the elites have used murder and past BIG business has also killed those threatening their power and wealth. Historical records PROVE those actions I mention!!!

Hmmmmmm…… I wonder if a life insurance firm knew of my activities denouncing the feds and corporations if they would sell me life insurance?

http://www.csmonitor.com  Sneaky punks. They will allow you to type a comment, hit the “reply” button, and your laboriously well-written, insightful and erudite comment appears for all to see… or so you think so!!! Hit the refresh button for your browser or leave the page and return and… and… where did my comment go???!!!!

http://www.washingtonpost.com  Let this be a warning to folks sharing opinions, information, facts, data or whatever on various mass media-related and local media Web sites that political correctness is running amok. Reality is often not appreciated by those involved with brainwashing the masses of USA citizens and residents. For many an illegal alien is a “protected species” even if they have confessed to brutally raping a child then torturing that child to death. Mention that at some comment-allowing media Web sites and the post will be deleted and you may be banned from ever posting again. Even if worded very carefully remember, illegal aliens are loved and adored by many who are engaged in brainwashing We, the People.

http://www.freerepublic.com   “Your posting privilege has been revoked.”  Oh woe is me. There is only 336,992.402,914 other places to leave comments. I will have to ensure I do not ban myself from my own blogs. I did learn a lesson from the Free Republic ban; do not mention in a negative way the presence of many-millions of one of the USA’s “protected species.” Do not refer to a news story telling of the illegal invader who was repeatedly deported but kept coming back, committing various crimes while inside the USA. The invader who will now be cared for for the rest of his life at your, mine and We, the People’s expense as he serves a life term for raping 2 nuns in Oregon and strangling one of the nuns to death with her rosary beads. Along with too many elites, corporate USA, politician and bureaucrat lackeys many elite-owned mass media WANT the illegals inside the USA. Was my ban worth it? Sure. I just hope that the evil criminal-minded invaders would leave us despised commoners alone and grace those wanting them here with their presence. Sadly, the elites and their lackeys can afford to keep the illegals away.

http://www.curbsideclassic.com  Do not offend the delicate sensibilities of a moderator at this site when you write anything negative about the state of Missouri. No naughty words or attacks against an individual is needed!!! Just write of reality within Missouri and expect your well-written, factual and on-topic comment to disappear.

http://www.rawstory.com/   “You do not have permission to post on this thread”  OH NO!!!!! I must have offended yet another wimp brainwashed politically correct corporate lackey cubical dweller. Yes, I post opinions, declarations, etc. but…. well, I have been quoted in a peer-reviewed article written by a PhD professor at the London College of Economics. So, when the likely brain-dead brainwashed babbling buffoons at various Web sites ban me I must be doing something right. I am somewhat surprised at how quickly USA-based Web-based media banishes those with a non-politically correct opinion. Foreign-based outlets appear to be much more tolerant of opinions not within the mainstream or offensive to the opinions of the media hosting the message board. Well, the USA is in the midst of a full-scale class war and many media outlets are owned by those towards the top of the socio-economic hierarchy so comments that may interfere in the class war are removed. Never forget, folks… that media can be useful but can also be used as a weapon by those wanting to economically and mentally enslave you.

http://www.ktla.com   It appears that rampant political correctness is alive and prospering here. I am not surprised since much of California, my home state, has devolved the past few decades into a morass of idiocy. I fled the place in 1993 and re-entered the USA.

http://www.bloomberg.com    “The site has blocked you from posting new comments”  No surprise. An elite-owned propaganda disseminating entity that assists the few in scamming the many, to convince those masses that the fraud that the USA has become is how things are supposed to be, that all is correct and proper. Heaven forbid a near-broke nobody huddled in a hovel perhaps convince even one person via his writing that We, the People, 300-million-plus strong, are being royally screwed over and that due to life-long propaganda that many of the masses not only accept the ongoing class war being waged against us but those brainwashed folks believe their being screwed is patriotic!!!!!

Love it or leave it!!!!  Obey your ruling masters and their multitude of lackeys!!! Well, screw you, Bloomberg. You are a minute part of the ongoing corruption of what the Founders created. Maybe some day the masses you have assisted in brainwashing will realize what you have done. That day of reckoning is overdue but your propaganda is so effective I wonder if the needed day of reckoning will ever arrive. Only time will tell.

http://www.cbsnews.com/     I am not surprised that an elite-owned propaganda dissemination device that ignores the ongoing class war within the USA would prohibit a fellow such as I from leaving comments upon their site. Yes, it IS their site but that still does not exempt them from what the future may hold against them who assisted in the class war against the masses of common folks. Maybe those higher-ups living such luxurious lives compared to the common folks should be sentenced by tribunals to laboring in the agricultural fields for minimal wage and no benefits. Seems to be justice from my viewpoint. Sadly, by the time Revolutionary War Two occurs the current crop of elites will have joined me in the grave. Oh well. Anybody using CBS as a news source just be aware that all elite-owned media is biased towards preserving a status quo that spits upon the masses of common folks.

New York Daily News   As typical with elite-class owned media stray from the official “party line” and have your opinion banned.  Those elites must sure be fearful if one old guy’s opinion, even if written rationally and logically and with the bounds of civil discourse, is so feared that all of my comments must be kept away from the view of the masses.  The elites DO have a stranglehold on many aspects of USA society and the economic benefits for those elites are immense so to preserve their undeserved socio-economic positions they will do all they can to preserve their beloved status quo.


And here is the latest Web media that censors legitimate, educated, well-written comments to a news story that happens to apparently conflict with their agenda.  Sure, it is their right BUT… consider what else is omitted from the media… what do those with so much influence upon We, the People hide from our viewing?  Conversely, what do those with so much influence accentuate that assists in promoting an agenda that could be harmful to you but beneficial to those that media snuggles up to?

Question everything, folks. The USA is a HUGE scam and We, the People are the mark, the target of greedy, vile filth that live abundantly by skimming from you the wealth YOU create!!!


The State   “South Carolina’s Home Page”   I feel sympathy for the masses of common folks in that state if tis media outlet truly is the state’s “home page.”  If my innocuous opinion that only has the good of the HUGE mass of common folks at heart is deleted then who is the lackey in that organization backing? Who or what do they endorse?  The class of vermin committing class war against We, the People?


The Atlantic Wire   Sigh… I wonder what the mind-set is of those cubical-dwelling entities that are so offended by reality, by the TRUTH?  I wonder if those bizarre insulated wimps have any idea what realty is like for a HUGE mass of working-poor, blue-collar, under-employed and other folks who are being battered by the ongoing class war?  Oh well… I know I will forever have doubts about the truth, the validity of any information disseminated by a media outlet that is so frightened of a comment based upon reality as conveyed by the Disgruntled One that I must be silenced.  I suppose I should count my blessings because in some cultures I would silenced permanently as a threat to the ruling elites and their multitude of lackeys who will cast aside honor to support their wealth channels.


The Republic.com   “We do this through producing products that inform, compel, engage, entertain and create forums for debate and interactive thought for our customers.”  And thus the folks owning/operating the latest site that deleted a well-thought-out comment I left at one of their news stories has to say about themselves. Bull I shout for all to read!!!!  Just another local media who will disallow anything that does not agree with their own agenda.  Remember this, folks.  The media of all types have tremendous influence upon the masses of Americans and so many appear to be assisting in the ongoing class war that may some day tear the USA apart.  Yes, it IS their site and they can allow whatever they want to appear upon it but their deleting my comment is ample proof to me that so many media outlets are doing a disservice to the American people.


USA Today   Congratulations you elite-owned profit-lusting farce that is apparently just as concerned with influencing minds to meet the agendas of those raking in profit from your firm and who willing serve your elite owners.  A well-written comment that is suitable for civil conversation even if children are present was determined to be unfit for viewing in your comment section.  Some cubical-dwelling dweeb deleted my comment either based on the parameters set by his or her masters or, possibly, by the lackey functionary their self because my comment did not support their own personal agenda.  Even if it was some punk pussy cubical dwelling freak that massive corporate structure allows their lackeys to behave in that manner.   Whatever the reason yet another corporate media monolith is engaged in disseminating propaganda at the masses of USA citizenry and thus asisting in the ongoing class war against We, the People.


The Wire   Here we go again… lackeys of their corporate masters in their safe little cubicle worlds protected from the realities that masses of common folks contend with… suffering from an ongoing class war… banning the words of the Disgruntled Old Coot.  Fine.  One-third or so of the folks during the USA Revolutionary War period were Tories, supporters of King George.  Today, thanks to amazingly effective indoctrination from relentless propaganda a lot of folks are convinced that the current state of affairs is normal, how things should be.

So many folks willingly accepting their mental slave chains that are stronger than steel.  Obeying and serving their masters.  I will accept these condemnations as shown by not being allowed to leave a comment on their message boards as a badge of honor.  And the class war continues but I observe a growing number of folks who are casting off enough of their indoctrination to ascertain that the USA, as it currently exists, is a HUGE SCAM and that only full-scale rebellion can make any meaningful changes in the USA.


http://manboobz.com/   Oh no!!!!!!  Even individual non-elite-class-owned Web sites ban me, the Mighty Obbop, the Disgruntled Old Coot, star of neither stage nor screen.  I was able to easily bypass the ban using a seldom-used e-mail address and not using my Obbop screen name that has graced the Web since I emerged from the primal ooze and entered Webdom in 1995.

Even though my comment made it past the filter it sill must pass moderation before it will appear for all to see.  The blog is hard to describe but, generally, it is a pro-female and anti-male blog.  To be banned from that site is a badge of honor!!!!!  Have a wonderful week, herd!!!


http://www.sfgate.com    SF Gate.  The Web portal for the San Francisco Chronicle.  Yet another corporate monolith that is part of the Hearst empire.  I was always civil in my demeanor when leaving comments to news stories.  I actually avoided some controversial issues and refrained from mentioning some of my own opinions.  However, it appears that showing nothing but dedication, love and loyalty to all corporations (peace be upon them)  is enough to be:


Your account has been suspended for violating our Terms and Conditions


I am an avid reader and the Web has been a boon for me since it offers an amazing amount of information about everything!!!  The Web has also made it very obvious that local and mass media across the USA are definitely a vital part of the propaganda systems that allow the few to rule and lord over the many.  Us common folks are mere pawns in a game where the “rule” are created to assist the ruling masters.  Every media outlet that bans me from commenting is a badge of pride for me.  So, screw SF Gate and that includes the corporate lackeys within bowing down to their corporate masters while spitting upon the free people of the USA and the entire world.


Mother Jones  It appears that I have not been banned but the cubicle-dwelling dweebs with assuredly very little true authority in their miserable corporate-suck-up lackey life are quick to delete comments.  My comments tend to be similar with the main differences among them due to the topic being covered.  I am civil in my written discourse so it is my expressed personal views that inflict mental anguish on the punks infesting their cubicle who are quick on the trigger of comment deletion.  There is more than one underling in the corporate structure with authority to delete.  Depending upon the lackey reading my message some of them are allowed while others are cat aside into the binary dumpster.  So, there are censors using their own, personal biases to delete personally disliked comments.  So be it.  Punks abound.  Wimps.  Lackeys of their corporate masters and the indoctrination their feeble minds soaked up akin to a sponge.  Bah


CBS DC  Yet another cubicle infesting lackey of their corporate masters deleted a pertinent post that conveys factual information to the public is offensive or in some other way results in being deleted.  I notice that there were no other comments.  Were other comments deleted also?  I posted a new comment and here it is:

Why was my pertinent post deleted? I have years of first-person experience regarding the general subject matter. The mass and local media are committing a crime against We, the People by censoring the voices of the masses.

It is doubtful that comment will remain.  It is bookmarked and I shall return later to see if it remained or was cast aside into the binary trash can.  Remember, folks… much of the media, local and national, is a propaganda device to keep the masses calm and not rise up in revolt against the greedy forces that have been waging class war against We, the People for far too long.


Voice of America    The spewers of propaganda for many years Voice of America  (VOA)  does have a purpose, I suppose,  but I fear part of the VOA’s agenda is to reinforce the status quo that has been implemented against We, the People, and that has been extremely profitable for the small percentage of elites inside and outside the USA.  It will take a few more posts to determine if I am banned totally or if the lackey punks infesting the cubicles of that organization merely delete any news story comment that does not assist in promoting the cause of those committing class war against the masses.  The comment deleted was mostly innocuous but it was not  “We’re Number One!!!!  USA USA USA!!!!!”  in tone.  Can’t have any anti-elite or anti-corporate sentiments displayed on one of the most visible and obvious propaganda outlets, can we?


Aljazeera America  It appears the corrupting corporate influence of the USA also permeates that which spreads out from its starting point and enters the USA market… a country and society in the midst of full-scale class war that includes monolithic corporations constantly striving along with elites and their lackeys to enslave the masses of common folks within the USA. One way to achieve their lust for power and wealth is to indoctrinate those masses. And their efforts have been very successful.  When a comment appears to an article on many USA-based media sites when a comment appears that can harm the indoctrinating of the masses…poof… the comment is gone. It is their right since it is that firm’s Web site but multiply that practice and the many other ways the elite-owned media us their power to indoctrinate the populace and the result is what the USA has become… a country in the midst of class warfare. What is interesting is that placed many comments at the original Aljazeera Web site where I received a steady flow of up-votes from readers and none of the posts there were deleted. Now, with Aljazeera America using what appears to be loyal corporate lackey vermin to run the operation every one of my comments were deleted. And those comments did not differ from the style and content-type of the undeleted comments at the original non-USA based Web site.  Folks, always be aware that much of the media output, especially those owned by monolithic corporations, must be suspect of being engaged with indoctrinating you to be a loyal servant of the ruling masters and their huge army of loyal minions, cohorts and lackeys.


I had the nerve to give an opinion that ruffled the feathers of some tender, delicate cubicle-dwelling creep who assuredly has been well-indoctrinated by the politically correct mob of warm-fuzzy idiots who survive only due to the folks facing reality and doing the tasks that ensure the PC punks have a place to live and the food is readily at hand and that a rougher, tougher group protects those imbeciles from the evil of the world that would either obliterate or enslave those PC pukes who appear to believe that appeasing evil will protect them from that evil.

Democratic Underground:  I was civil, never used foul language or attacked another poster. No threats or anything that would allow any type of criminal or civil charge to be brought against me. Nope. Just write an opinion that doesn’t agree with the precious, sweet little princes and princesses infesting a cubicle and this happens:

Posting privileges for the account “XXXXXX” (me) have been revoked. See Democratic Underground’s Terms of Service for more information.

This decision can be appealed by contacting the Administrators, who may reverse the decision if they are provided with a compelling reason to do so. If the Administrators do not respond to the appeal within seven days, the appeal has been denied.

Appeal? Screw you. You wimpy PC punks living in your sheltered little world better hope that there is never a societal collapse for you punks surely do not have the mental toughness to survive without your betters supporting and protecting you. To survive you will likely have to be slaves to your betters… IF they can tolerate you.

BAH!!!!!!!!!!  I fear the USA is becoming increasingly populated with weak punks who do not have the mental toughness to protect themselves.


A few third-rate Web sites operated by mini-minds obviously thoroughly indoctrinated by their overlords have banned my commenting at their sites but I have not mentioned them individually. Brainwashed buffoons so easily deluded by superior minds that indoctrinated them to be compliant, loyal well-behaved underlings so proud of the mental slave chains they are unaware of are unworthy of individual mention here.

Here is the latest banning from a semi-major Web site:

Business Insider  I did a lot of posting there and was invited to become one of their “Insider” commenters after a few months of posting comments to their stores, news reports, etc. Their rating system allowing others to rate comments consistently revealed above-average up-votes for my comments. Recently, my comments do not reach the comment section… a page opens that declares “Sorry! We’re experiencing unexpected technical difficulties. Please wait a moment and refresh the page.” Business Insider is not set up to communicate readily with those operating the site. After repeated attempts to post it is obvious to me my posts are not allowed onto the commenting page anymore. All it takes is for a new lackey sitting in a cubicle to be personally offended by my writing to ban my posts. My writings were consistent during my tenure there so logic suggests a new censor has decided I do not meet what could be the implanted tripe that their indoctrinators shoved into the typical brainwashed American mini-mind. Oh well. If I ever get too crazy I promise I will do a self-ban and stop posting in my blogs.

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  1. unperson192 says:

    I have commented on your blog before, for many years. You are the closest person to me, politically speaking. Our backgrounds and age are similar. I consider myself a populist leftist.

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  2. TodaysBest says:

    Is there no way to subscribe to This blog?

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    • obbop says:

      “Is there no way to subscribe to This blog?”

      That is an excellent question!!!!

      I will poke around the dashboard area and see if I can get something functioning allowing some type of subscribing thing.

      Thanks for visiting!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello obbop. TheDude from Mancoat was here!

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    • obbop says:


      I noticed that some vittles in the fridge were gone and the huge pile of dirty dishes was even huger and no money was left on the table.

      Oh well. Nice to have somebody drop in once in awhile.


  4. jack bone says:

    This is lame. What a stupid site. You are such a rebel for being banned from those sites. NOT. Paranoid is heavy in the old folks.

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    • obbop says:

      I suppose I can assume you will not be donating to the cause to assist the Disgruntled Old Coot in furthering his efforts to create happier more equitable society?


  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope you get banned from bannination! BAWWW!!!

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    • obbop says:

      Well… as long as they do not break into my hovel and purloin my one true friend, my beloved GUN… I suppose I could survive being banned at the place where everything possible is done to preclude the banning so prevalent across the width, depth and height and the 4th dimension; time, that comprises the nebulous entity we refer to as the Web.

      I should be ecstatic I do not possess a PONY that is apparently so beloved by some of the BNers

      Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond to my blog entry.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Obbop. John here (darqmatr) from the other Man site. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. We may not agree on everything, but a stopped clock agrees with reality twice a day, and that’s the case with both you and me.

    You may know me from the car blogs as “The Wedding DJ.”


  8. Linda Loveletter says:

    This is Obbop. From Knowpost.



    • obbop says:

      KnowPost… a Web site lost to the past but still remembered by those who interacted there. A quality site with quality folks mingling in what was a relatively new way to mingle. The Web was relatively new to most folks at that time. I believe that the site’s name was forced to change due to legalities. Was the new name BrainFuse? My memory worsens as the decades fly by.

      Anyway, hello to all the KnowPosters out there wandering the Web.


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