Herein lies a bevy of Considerable Cootishness of the Disgruntled variety.

Too many topics to mention so feel free to roam.

And… it’s FREE!!!

No cover charge.

What a deal, not easily surpassed even if the well-guarded gates and entry barriers to the USA gold repository at Fort Knox, KY were thrown open and the guards wandered off to do whatever guards do when wandering.

Perhaps plundering nearby donut shops?

This blog entry is “sticky.”

Ewwwwww!!!!!  “What did you DO to it you Old Coot?”

Settle down, youngun’, “sticky” means in this instance that this entry always appears first.

The rest of the entries are chronological;  the newest appear first and the first, oldest entry made on the blog shows up as the last, lonely post.



Please… know this before continuing. There are many topics covered within this blog. Some of what I write will surely be despised by some folks. Fine. What I want all who enter this blog to know is that because something is mentioned within does not mean that whatever is mentioned endorses my OPINION(S)!!!!!!!

I have posts about various people and entities and their being mentioned does NOT mean their mere mention in this blog is to be construed as their endorsing my opinion(s).

Also: sites linked to anyplace on or in this blog likely have no idea the link exists and thus that link does NOT indicate that the linked-to site or person(s) running the site agree with or endorse anything within MY blog!!!

I want to make what should be an obviously logical thought OBVIOUS!!!!

The more research I conduct the more I realize that the average reading comprehension level of the typical USA citizen is deplorable. I refuse to write at a 6th- to 8th-grade level even though that appears to be the level to write at to allow the maximum number of readers to understand my words that convey ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions… all the things that words try to convey.

*****END UPDATE*****

Here is a Pinterest page that assists in conveying some of the topics within this blog



16 comments on “Welcome

  1. unperson192 says:

    I have commented on your blog before, for many years. You are the closest person to me, politically speaking. Our backgrounds and age are similar. I consider myself a populist leftist.

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  2. TodaysBest says:

    Is there no way to subscribe to This blog?

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    • obbop says:

      “Is there no way to subscribe to This blog?”

      That is an excellent question!!!!

      I will poke around the dashboard area and see if I can get something functioning allowing some type of subscribing thing.

      Thanks for visiting!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Hello obbop. TheDude from Mancoat was here!

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    • obbop says:


      I noticed that some vittles in the fridge were gone and the huge pile of dirty dishes was even huger and no money was left on the table.

      Oh well. Nice to have somebody drop in once in awhile.


  4. jack bone says:

    This is lame. What a stupid site. You are such a rebel for being banned from those sites. NOT. Paranoid is heavy in the old folks.

    Liked by 1 person

    • obbop says:

      I suppose I can assume you will not be donating to the cause to assist the Disgruntled Old Coot in furthering his efforts to create happier more equitable society?


  5. Anonymous says:

    I hope you get banned from bannination! BAWWW!!!

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    • obbop says:

      Well… as long as they do not break into my hovel and purloin my one true friend, my beloved GUN… I suppose I could survive being banned at the place where everything possible is done to preclude the banning so prevalent across the width, depth and height and the 4th dimension; time, that comprises the nebulous entity we refer to as the Web.

      I should be ecstatic I do not possess a PONY that is apparently so beloved by some of the BNers

      Thank you for taking the time and effort to respond to my blog entry.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Hey Obbop. John here (darqmatr) from the other Man site. Just wanted to say I enjoy reading your stuff.

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  7. We may not agree on everything, but a stopped clock agrees with reality twice a day, and that’s the case with both you and me.

    You may know me from the car blogs as “The Wedding DJ.”

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  8. Linda Loveletter says:

    This is Obbop. From Knowpost.


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    • obbop says:

      KnowPost… a Web site lost to the past but still remembered by those who interacted there. A quality site with quality folks mingling in what was a relatively new way to mingle. The Web was relatively new to most folks at that time. I believe that the site’s name was forced to change due to legalities. Was the new name BrainFuse? My memory worsens as the decades fly by.

      Anyway, hello to all the KnowPosters out there wandering the Web.


  9. obbop says:

    Ingrid of KnowPost fame? Quad blog link appears towards page top on right. Unorganized Militia Propaganda Corps duties are time intensive along with ongoing (since 1982) tasks associated with being National Master-at-arms of the Student Revolutionary Strike Force.

    Onward through the fog….

    Wonder if HeyTeach ever found a new hang-out?


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