Disgruntled Old Coot Pics from the past

Young Old Coot

Older Old Coot (30 something?)

In a shack in the boonies of Nebraska

1975 Tokyo

USS Schofield WesPac

Long-haul trucker and my olives

21 or so

Around 2 or 3 years after leaving USS Schofield

USS Schofield attached to DesRon 23

Famous in WW2

Emblem was on side of ship near the bridge

In-port Guam 1975

On the way to Vietnam Evacuation

Quarterdeck watch

1975 Tokyo photo booth

USS Schofield visit

30 something

Shack in very rural Nebraska alongside Missouri River

ChiCom assault rifle

Not nearly as “nice” as those beautiful, extremely

well-maintained M-14s aboard the Schofield!!!!

3rd Division designed patch, made in Olongapo, I believe

STG-2 Chicowski (spelling correct?) was responsible for its

creation. Worn on working coats. Still have my patch.

Snake represents 3rd Division. We were the “sub hunters” consisting of sonar techs, torpedomen and ASROC gunners mates.

Excuse me if I have omitted an applicable “rating.”

For some reason, back in the pre-CD days, something about this record label design caught my eye and I still consider it a “work of art.


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