Obey your Masters. Or Else!!!

Russia Is Sending Troops To The US To Learn American Military Tactics


It is Disgruntled Old Coot Opinion Time ™ .

Elite ruling classes tend to assist each other to keep the HUGE masses of commoners enslaved.

The USA general culture can be traced back to north-western Europe in general (yeah Greece, Rome etc. in there but I remind you space limitations require using generalities).

The USA ingrained general culture mostly uses the carrot vice the stick approach combined with very effective propaganda systems to mentally enslave a  multitude of typical humans I and others label as citizen-sheep.

However, to maintain a status quo that allows a few to gather immense amounts of wealth and power from those not a part of the ruling elites, corporate USA or who are minions, cohorts or paid-for lackeys of the rulers, force can and will be used.

USA history will reveal many times various types of force was used to keep YOU and the masses within the USA obeying the rulers.

The message sent when USA citizens are jailed for years or more, fined amounts to ensure life-long poverty and, at times, even MURDERED, is intended to keep the masses obeying their masters.

Even if you are chosen to be used as a “message sender” and the legal system, for whatever reasons(s), decides that you are not to be used to “send a message” to your fellow commoners, the costs of defending yourself can ruin you economically.

Recent events may be causing concern among the USA ruling class.

Many years ago… it may have been in the early 1980s, I read a newspaper story about the USA elite-owned and operated federal government conducting a survey of USA military members if they would aim and fire their weapons at USA citizens if ordered to do so.

A majority (was it 60 per cent? My memory is not perfect!!!) of enlisted (non-officer) troops stated they would not follow those orders.

Sadly, the military officers said they would and that was a BIG percentage declaring they would order their troops to aim and shoot to kill.

I am not surprised since the enlisted ranks tend to have many more folks from the “commoner class” than the college-educated officer corps that TENDS to draw upon the middle-class and higher segments of society.

Digging into the class-based USA society is far too complicated to cover here. Despite the many declarations from the ruling class and their lackeys that the USA is not a class-based society the facts declare otherwise.

If the ruling masters fear We, the People and believe that there is even a remote possibility that too many citizens shed part of their life-long brainwashing to be good little citizen-sheep and OBEY their masters–  the possibility that the masters will need to use force to maintain the status quo that keeps them in power becomes a possibility.

Okay… the ruling elite masters tend to flock together to assist each other.

Doing so within the USA is obvious but international cooperation is also common.

The USA is notorious for assisting foreign ruling elites. History shows MANY examples.

The foreign ruling elites so often assisted in many different ways, up to USA military forces entering foreign countries and forcing the common folks of that country to OBEY their ruling master class, are typically assisted because those foreign ruling elites cater to USA rulers, corporate USA, etc.

For the naysayers reading Coot Opinion; yes, there are times when USA military intervention is done for good.

The Nazi cancer had to be removed for reasons I should not be required to mention.

Sadly, from my decades of study, far too many times the USA sent troops overseas to protect our elite ruling class and/or corporate business interests in foreign countries.

Keep the wealth flowing to the proper, deserving folks is the “order of the day.”

If the USA elites ever feel required to unleash their vast power against We, the People, there is little us commoners can do.

(more to come)

Jefferson Statehood Project

10th Amendment – U.S. Constitution

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.


The power-grab by corporate USA, BIG government and their horde of minions, lackeys, bureaucrats and other sell-outs who will obey those masters for wages, benefits, health insurance, pensions etc. that We, the People pay for have allowed Congress to greatly expand the power of the federal government and the many bureaucracies created by Congress (all taxes are generally paid for in totality by the end consumers of products and services within the USA).

The Supreme Court has, mostly supported and assisted in the continual increase, of power transference to BIG government and BIG business.

Too often it is the “common folks,” We, the People, who are harmed by Supreme Court rulings.

A FEW exceptions happen.

The politician lackey figureheads regularly assisting their elite-class and corporate masters, will sometimes act in ways that  seem to assist We, the People.

But those so-called assistances are usually very minor affairs.

Merely gestures to keep up the delusion that the Federal government represents We, the People.

No real change happens in the “systems” in the USA.

The wealth continues to flow in huge amounts ever-upwards to the “deserving citizens” and corporations.

Huge sums are devoted to bureaucracies to control We, the People and to isolate the rulers and their helpers from the scum of the country. In their eyes that is you and me and the HUGE number of commoners… We, the People.

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The Mortal Disgruntled Old Coot Proclamation

When I collapse and die, perhaps screaming in agony. As I sense my life force is departing my decrepit body.

I encourage all of those remaining behind to seek out, if any, humor arising from my departure and take advantage of it.

If my death and/or departure method makes others giggle, chortle, chuckle, laugh out loud, spit coffee on the keyboard or whatever my life and death will not have been meaningless.

Fill the Web’s message boards, etc with humor.

Seek out every and anything related to my departure that can be used in a manner to convey the slightest slice of “funny” to one’s self and/or others.

And to those who lambaste you lambaste them in return.

Inform them to “lighten up” and that some day they, too, will depart their body.

I am serious….. serious as a heart attack.

Prompted to write this entry from messages posted —> HERE

Gayle Caldwell


Writer: Gayle Caldwell

In Loving Memory:  Gayle Caldwell    February 20th, 1941 – April 14th, 2009

So I’m down and so I’m out

But so are many others

So I feel like tryin’ to hide

My head ‘neath these covers

Life is like the seasons

After winter comes the spring

So I’ll keep this smile awhile

And see what tomorrow brings

I’ve been told and I believe

That life is meant for livin’

And even when my chips are low

There’s still some left for givin’

I’ve been many places

Maybe not as far as you

So I think I’ll stay awhile

And see if some dreams come true

There isn’t much that I have learned

Through all my foolish years

Except that life keeps runnin’ in cycles

First there’s laughter, then those tears

But I’ll keep my head up high

Although I’m kinda tired

My gal just up and left last week

Friday I got fired

You know it’s almost funny

But things can’t get worse than now

So I’ll keep on tryin’ to sing

But please, just don’t ask me how



Those lyrics have had more of a mental impact upon me than any sermon I have sat through.

For a brief biography/eulogy go HERE

Mental Rambling Conveying Nothing

I am so extremely confused regarding which browser to use that I have been mentally rent asunder and sent scurrying off into the depths of the shanty to commence pondering.

Feeling the synapses firing within my increasingly overwrought brain my decrepit body shudders as pondering overwhelms me.

Long forgotten reminiscences of crash guard-type soft wares and their once fairly common use arise for some obscure reason.

Then the thought of how, with increasing age and the rapid approach of yet another aging Baby Boomer departing this plane of existence, the pondering about a browser is replaced with the increasingly dense mental fog and the realization of the futility of everything.

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Navy Chow and Cavorting Cereal Critters

Generally, on average, Navy breakfasts were okay to great with variations among food offerings and food source.

The breakfasts where real eggs  were available were superior to the breakfasts where only powdered eggs were present.

Generally, at-sea lunch and supper tended to be sub-par compared to mess halls at shore bases.

At-sea breakfasts varied greatly; often depending upon the last time we hauled “new” food aboard either from a supply ship at sea or if we entered an overseas USA base with warehouses, etc.

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Shut Up you Mere Commoner Scum

“According to City Attorney Dan Wichmer, that isn’t going to happen, however, because the city ordinance doesn’t allow voters to force the City to provide land for a homeless camp.”

As quoted from a wonderful weekly newspaper; Community Free Press.

In my Disgruntled Old Coot opinion a superior print and online news source and local media that may surpass the, to me, despicable and nearly-unreadable mainstream daily local newspaper, again, merely a shanty-bound Disgruntled Old Coot’s opinion.

I can envision the Community Free Press surviving and thriving while the local “mainstream” spewer of the local elite’s anti-We, the People rhetoric fades away and eventually disappears; missed by few if any folks who are not so thoroughly indoctrinated by their elite-class and corporate USA masters who bleat their pleasure at being well-behaved bearers of the implanted doctrine that ALL their mental masters proclaim is proper IS proper and as “things” should be.

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Coot Quotes and Observations

“There were few who preferred honor to money.” Gaius Crispus

“A wise man hears one word and understands two” Yiddish proverb.

“It is not more people that are needed in the world but better people, physically, morally and mentally. This question of raising the quality of our American population must also be taken into account in the question of immigration.” Agnes E. Meyer

“I think unity is a mistake…. If I were the Establishment and had the big loaded guns of the various oppressive institutions…. I would much prefer to see one lion come through the door than 500 mice.” Florynce R. Kenned

Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.
John F. Kennedy


Yes, folks, it is quote time. The Disgruntled Old Coot left the shanty, mentally strolling through the Web and grabbing quotes attracting my attention.


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Occupy Springfield Saturday Oct. 15 2011

Pics from the assembly area downtown Springfield. Copy and use for any non-commercial use. I consider the pics the property of the people shown and/or the Occupy Springfield folks. Basically, belonging to nobody BUT not for use by those merely wanting to put money in their own pocket such as spammers, those not involved with Occupy Springfield who use any of the pics just for wealth creation, etc.

You may need to hit the “refresh” button on your browser to make all the pics appear. WordPress gets weird now-and-then and your Web connection may not be the best.

Thanks to all participating.

Look for the “Continue reading” link to see the entire post or click on the post’s title.

I believe you can click on a pic to make it bigger and maybe once again to make it even BIGGER.

Local mass media was present

Watching one of the night-time local TV news broadcasts…. wasn’t the Occupy march the lead story? I believe on at least one channel it was.

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USS Schofield DEG-3 FFG-3 Cruisebook

The entire 1975 cruise book should be in the next few posts.

They have been spread out to assist in ALL the pictures appearing.

I encourage ALL who want to copy and paste any or all of the cruise book to do so since Web sites can lose data, disappear, etc.

Preserve the 1975 WesPac cruise book for posterity. The more places it is posted the more likely it is to survive.

To enlarge the pictures click on them. Depending upon your browser and/or computer, etc. select “open in a new window” or use your browser “back” button or whatever works for you.

I use FireFox browser and after opening each picture/page I can make it even bigger for easier viewing and reading of text when a “+” sign is my pointer/cursor and I click again to maximize my view. Whatever works for you and your set-up.

I will double check later to ensure all the cruise book pages made it to this blog. My main goal was just to get the pages/pics on the Web… just in case.

Oh, the pic of the “cherry picker” near the helo detachment area… “extra points” for whoever can, in the comments section of that entry, can explain why that pic is there. I remember why, I was present for the event, up on the quarterdeck,

Feel free to leave comments, explanations, anything that adds to the pics.


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Anti-Baby Boomer Babblers

Hi, post-Boomers.

The Baby Boom horde is generally considered to have come squawking into this plane of existence between 1946 and 1964.

Some researchers insert a Generation Jones into that period.

The Disgruntled Old One, the Coot; that’s me!!!  has noticed an increasing number of anti-Baby Boomer comments upon the Web at many different and types of Web sites.


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Appreciative Old Coot

Many “Thanks!!!”    to the horde of visitors  visiting this tiny  spot nestled within the Web.

Some visitors left nice comments while some comments were not as nice but I am used to that.

I have perfected the ability to create hate and discontent among others.  Heck, my own kinfolk despise me to the point they ignore me, hoping I just go away.  Sniff.

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