What is the future of the USA?



Placed upon a Washington Post comment section following an article about the popularity of Congress.


The embers of Revolutionary War Two are fanned constantly by the unrepairable farce that is the USA federal government. The unholy alliance between BIG business and BIG government is allowing the elites and their systems to handily win the ongoing class war.

I fear the only way to save the USA is to destroy the old systems, including the federal government and the monolithic corporations and put a new set of Founders to start anew.

The existing Constitution is a good bedrock but the multitude of elite owned, created and lackey operated systems have created a nation of serfs indoctrinated by the most effective propaganda systems ever created into believing that as things are is correct and proper.

The military will be needed to back the freedom fighters going up against tyranny that possess the wealth and power to destroy entire countries. I fear the elites would willingly murder millions of good, decent folks to preserve their huge scam,

The future is unknown to us but if trends continue as they have will the growing oligarchy-plutocracy become so embedded it will never be torn down so that freedom and fairness can spread across the once-sovereign USA lorded over by greed and power lust where profit is the prophet?


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Advantages of Wealth





“The first million is tough. The rest of the millions comes easy.”

That is close enough to the quote I read long ago.  As us common folks struggle to grab enough wealth to live at a day-to-day level some folks do better for various reasons.

Like math… “economics is hard” so I avoid the complicated parts. Everybody I have talked to understands there is legitimate wealth inequality and there is no anger about that. However, it seems that too much of the wealth disparity is achieved by methods created by the wealthy and thus powerful people of the planet.

The advantage for the wealthy extend to all parts of life. That includes how you are treated by police, the courts, other people and, perhaps most importantly, others with a lot to enormous amounts of wealth.

Consider those multi-millionaire entertainers who receive numerous gifts and hand-outs throughout their life. If you are observant and read the Web a lot keep an eye open for the reports of those freebies that us common folks never receive. What angers me is that us common folks pay a lot of that wealth funneled to the privileged class due to the cost of supporting the “special ones” is included within the costs of goods and services we buy. Yes, you and I support the wealthy and there is no way to opt out. One of a massive number of methods to funnel wealth from the many to the few.

This entry is about another advantage the wealth have you will never experience… again leaving you at a disadvantage with hurdles placed before you that are insurmountable to the masses of common folks… the common people used and abused by the lackeys of the elite class. In the USA those lackeys are typically politicians and the bureaucrats filling the systems used as a method of command and control to keep the rabble (us common folks) in their place and obedient.

The sordid tale about one of many advantages can be read at the link below:


Where is the cheapest place to buy citizenship?


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Decades Ago Way Over There

Another infrequent memory brought to life after viewing the story below I placed on a message board nine years ago and just found again accidently while Web wandering:


The typhoon was coming from the south. Sortie the fleet was the order of the day. Off we went. Every ship in Subic Bay headed for the relative safety of the open sea. We kicked the old Scuzzy Scho in the butt and headed north, hoping to outrun and evade the approaching storm.

Innumerable islands are found in that part of the Pacific. Big, small, there they are. To port, a few miles away, sat an itty bitty sprout of an island a few mere feet above sea level. Perhaps the top of an underwater mountain or volcano, long extinct and weathered down. When that typhoon reached it, the swells would inundate the land, scouring it clean of any animal life, if present. A few bushes clung to the scanty soil but it appeared to be uninhabited, as it should be. Except…… for the freighter anchored near it. Peering through the binoculars the officers on the bridge (hey!!! this was daytime!!!! No 2 am for this event) looked at the flag and ships name and leafed through the ship registry book. Obviously just noticing our presence the voice jumped out of the ship-to-ship radio tuned to the “international” channel. “Please help us,” the foreign voice implored in passable English. Surely that vessel had heard the weather warning of the approaching typhoon. “Our engines are broken and we need a tow.”

A ship anchored where that one was could not survive a typhoon. The wind and swells would turn it broadside to the storm. Wind and swells would roll the ship until water was taken down the stacks and any other openings. The ship was doomed if it could not get those engines repaired and get underway again.

The officers spoke in hushed tones for a few moments as the voice repeated the plea. As we steamed on, leaving the broken ship behind, not a word was said amongst the crew on the bridge. I never heard anyone mention the event again. Ever.

Yah’ see….. it was a ship with Libyan registry. You know, Khadaffi’s country. The chap Reagen sent the bombers in to send a stern message with high explosives. Well, this was long before we said “Hello” with warheads but Libya was not a friend of the USA. We could not and would not risk an American ship to assist those not friendly to us. With an approaching typhoon no ocean-going tug would risk coming to tow that ship to safety. No tow line can last during a typhoon. If those aboard that ship didn’t get those engines working they were facing a certain death. Never did learn what happened to that ship. All I remember is that voice begging for help as we kept going north, until it disappeared below the horizon……. but the voice followed until an officer turned the speaker off.

I never heard ANY mention of that event.

But, I can still hear that voice.

Old Coot Recollects

Wandering the Web I found a message board post I left nine years ago.  One of the many memories that emerges from time to time but soon disappears until whatever nudges the innards to make it come to the forefront again.


And here it is:



Not all events were scary, exciting, sweat-inducing, etc. Some were just plain comical and/or weird.

During this night when sleep eludes me…. when memories keep welling up I present to you:

A Love of Cheeseburgers
It is hard on a sailor to report aboard a ship when it is overseas. Being the new guy after a crew has already congealed into a working whole can be tough, especially on a small ship with a crew of only 240. If the newly-aboard sailor is also a boot (new to the Navy) and the ship he is reporting to is his first ship the difficulties are at their maximum. Perhaps that explains the guy’s eventual behavior.

Nobody was mean to the chap. He received the typical hazing that all new guys experience but nothing cruel or unusual. He seemed to handle it well but, everyone agreed he was rather “odd” though we couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was that set him apart.

A couple months after his arrival we were tied up to the dock in Subic Bay, Philippines. Liberty call had sounded a couple hours earlier leaving the duty section and those not desirous of liberty left aboard. I was standing the roving-patrol watch when the word was passed over the MC-5, the ship’s internal and external loudspeakers, “Roving patrol, lay to the missile deck.” Acckkk!!! What the heck, I wondered. To inform you landlubbers, the roving patrol watch was mainly concerned with ship’s security. Packing a .45 pistol and 30-rounds of ammo we were the “front line” of defense and security and were supposed to stop or slow any attacks so that other crew members could arm themselves and join in the fray. Roving patrol was a great watch to have, we were left alone to roam the ship at will and were seldom called upon. Thus, hearing the call I was somewhat surprised and concerned.

Rushing topside (anywhere outside the interior of the ship, out in the fresh air) I sped up the ladders, reaching the missile deck where a small crowd was assembled. Things appeared calm so I quit worrying. But, the situation was abnormal. Reporting to the most senior officer present I inquired as to the call. The officer said nothing, he just pointed above. Following his finger my eyes climbed the mast that soared 40-feet above the deck. There, perched on a radar support was the new guy.

Cool!!!! That was a sight one didn’t see everyday. It was a dangerous place to be. A rotating radar could knock you down to the steel deck far below or the high-frequency radio waves emanating from the radar could burn or even kill. Luckily for the new guy the radars were shut down, though they do operate in-port occasionally for maintenance and security reasons.

Looking up, the officer shouted the order for the sailor to climb down. The guy ignored him. He appeared preoccupied, looking off into the distance. The officer shouted again, louder this time. Nope, that didn’t work. The officer yelled out again, this time giving the guy a direct order. That got the chap’s attention. In a clear voice a “darn you,” filtered down.
As the officer pondered his next tactic the executive officer ( XO, 2nd in command below the captain) appeared, curious as to the call for me, the roving patrol, to “lay to the missile deck.” The XO talked to the officer who repeated his skyward finger pointing. Looking up the XO exclaimed “Holy smokes.”

With the voice of authority, the XO shouted upwards for the sailor to get down NOW!!!!! All except the XO stifled a chuckle as the darn you,” rolled down. That response angered the XO, we could see it in his face and hear it in his voice. Again, he ordered the sailor down. This time, the “darn you” was accompanied by a statement demanding he be released from the Navy and sent home. Ah hah!!!!! So that’s why he was up there. The XO and the chap started arguing back and forth, shouting and ordering and demanding and, from aloft “no way.”

After a few minutes of shouting with no results the XO tried a different tactic. Shouting up he asked the sailor what it would take for him to come down. The demand to get out of the Navy was re-shouted. The XO agreed to that, assuring the guy that he was likely on the way out one way or the other. Still, the guy didn’t move, he stayed perched high above looking down at us. The XO asked why he wasn’t coming down yet. “Because you’ll hit me,” he shouted. The XO assured him he wouldn’t be hit but still, there he stayed. Tiring of the affair, the XO shouted out what would it take for him to finally climb down. After a pause the sailor said he’d come down if there was a cheeseburger awaiting him.

This time, we couldn’t contain the built-up chuckle factor. All of us, except the XO, roared with laughter!!! A few guys cheered the demand. Some thought he should hold out for a burger and fries. The XO was not amused. Approaching a nearby sailor the XO whispered and that sailor sped off. Shouting upwards, the XO declared he sent orders for a cheeseburger to be cooked and that it would arrive shortly. In a few minutes the whispered-to sailor appeared, carrying a paper bag, handing it to the XO. “Here’s your cheeseburger,” he shouted and, with that, the lofty lad climbed down to the deck. As he bent over to grab the bag (that was empty!!!) the master-at-arms ( sorta’ like a shipboard cop) grabbed his arms and slapped handcuffs on the guy. The manacled guy screamed his lungs out!!!! “I want my cheeseburger, you promised me a cheeseburger, I want my cheeseburger….” he yelled continuously as he was led away.

Shortly, the base ambulance appeared and he was led away, never to be seen by us again. As he entered the ambulance, still handcuffed, we could here his muffled sobs, “They promised me a cheeseburger. I didn’t get my cheeseburger and they promised me………..”

The assembled crowd roared when the XO exclaimed, “I didn’t think the food aboard was that good!!!”

Just another day aboard an American warship, far from home, manned by a crew with an average age of 19 or so. The dregs of American society. But, we were proud dregs.



I copied and pasted and did not check for spelling or grammar errors.

Consider This






Hi kids!!!  “Hi Uncle Old Coot!!!”

Have you rapscallions been behaving yourselves?  I hope so.  I do not want you varmints behaving as I did when young back in those nearly pre-historic days of the 1950s and 1960s.  Dagnabit.

You are you and I am me and he is he and she is she and there’s a few he is she and she is he in the crowd and a few who have do damn idea what they are.  And that which is our individual selves… one human unit, an entity self-aware with a mind within a body made up of many different types of cells.

Cells. An individual living creature that lives, reproduces and dies.  It eats and emits little cell farts.

How many of those cells are inside a human body?  Since people come in many sizes we will be looking at an average number.


How many cells are in a human body?


Read the article and learn a little about the trillions of individual life forms working in harmony to create you.

Then ponder the ramifications of that.

Depending upon how “deep” you think your thoughts could take you in various directions.

After thinking about all those cells it is time to consider that:


Humans Carry More Bacterial Cells than Human Ones


I wonder if in some way I am unable to detect that humans are akin to those cells in that we contribute to the existence of a life form more advanced than ourselves?

If so… are we the body cells or the bacteria?

Considering how we treat planet Earth I would tend to give the nod to humans being bacteria.


Have a wonderful week!!!

Religious Truth ( or lack thereof )





Hello boys and girls. Uncle Obbop here, the Disgruntled Old Coot, ever ready to dispense sage advice and worthless opinions.

Let it be known I ridicule all religions to some extent with some more deserving of my scathing words such as that Scientology scam.

Are the spirits of aliens murdered millions of years ago here on Earth infesting your mind? Well, if so… then Scientology may be the “religion for you!!!!

If curious about that cult click on this sentence ye scurvy dogs. Arrrrrrrrrr….

L. Ron Hubbard was an interesting chap. One of his books, Battlefield Earth, is a science-fiction book I consider among the finest of the genre. Sure, it has its defects but over the decades I have read it three times with lengthy periods between readings. The movie sucked. The book was too long to make a average-length movie. If only the route used for The Lord of the Rings had been used I believe a movie following the book’s plot would have been a true classic. But, tastes in reading, movies, everything vary greatly among the human herd.

That L Ron Hubbard fellow is reported to have stated back in the 1950s, I believe, that the quickest way to become a millionaire within the USA is to start a religion. Later he followed that route and thus Scientology was born.

Scientology is a “religion” I give no credence as to possibly being based upon reality. It is a subjective decision of mine. Other religions that have been created in the recent past, new faiths compared to those tracing their origins to events in the far past… such as the 2,000 or so years in the past when the Jesus fellow was executed by the ruling elites of that era and the 600 or so years later when the Mohammed guy claimed to have shot the breeze with an angel sent by God (Allah) in that cave not far from Mecca. I wouldn’t be surprised if the guy was smoking some opium in that cave but I wasn’t there so that is just conjecture.


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Disjointed Written Ramblings




Hello human herd.  I do not know you but if you are a decent person I hope that all is well for you and yours.  For the hooligans and scumbags and ne’er-do-wells engaged in anti-social activities… well, I hope that karma thing plops atop your presence and smothers you with whatever you deserve.


Wandering the Find-a-Grave Web site I found the following:


Obituary February 4, 1897 Blount county Newspaper.

“Uncle Billy Burnum died at his home neat Chepultepec last Friday. Mr. Burnum was one of the oldest citizens of the county being in his 85th year. Up to a few days before his death he seemed to be in perfect health and got about like a young man. He was a good old man and highly respected by all who knew him. One by one the old landmarks are passing away.”



That is a nice way to be remembered.  Well, at least by the one doing the writing.  There could be others who were glad he was dead and gone but that possibility is tossed in because I am the dark cloud by nature,  surrounding the silver lining, the Disgruntled Old Coot (DOC).

Some folks would label me a realist but I prefer DOC.  In this instance I prefer to stick with what was written about the fellow… that he was a decent fellow.

If you want you can cross the miles and visit Billy Burnums’ current place on the Web and view his Earthly residing spot:


William Toles “Billy” Burnum



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Author Unknown

Wandering the Web I seek information, facts, opinions, ideas, attitudes… the many varied aspects of humans interacting with everything clustered upon this planet.

Our minute speck of stuff embedded in a huge universe.

From a different viewpoint we are a huge speck made up of innumerable tiny pieces such as atoms and all the even tinier pieces that join together to create atoms.

Poking around I found the following:




A limb has fallen from the family tree.

I keep hearing a voice, that says,  “Grieve not for me.

Remember the best times,  the laughter, the song.

The good life I lived while I was strong.

Continue my heritage, I’m counting on you.

Keep smiling and surely the sun will shine through.

My mind is at ease, my soul is at rest.

Remembering all,  how I truly was blessed.

Continue traditions, no matter how small.

Go on with your life,  don’t worry about falls.

I miss you all dearly, so keep up your chin.

Until the day comes…..we’re together again,

~Author Unknown~



The poem was found at the Find A Grave Web site Here—->  J. M. Schwyhart

This post placed here for no particular reason but I feel that the poem is worthy of being shared.

Kudos to whoever wrote it!!!!



USA Legal System a Legal Scam

I have ranted about the travesties inherent in the USA legal system.  The system out constant indoctrination demands we declare as:



The Greatest Legal System in the World!!!!!!




There must be worse legal systems but surely there are better ones.  Especially since those who created our legal system are also the ones who garner their wealth from that system while working within it.

Not helping anything is that the most common occupation of the creatures infesting Congress is lawyer.  Rest assured those elite class and corporate lackeys will do what they can in their official capacity of supposedly at least partially representing the common folks of the USA to ensure those garnering wealth within the legal system earn as much as possible.

It is so sad that the legal system does not place as its first duty as separating the innocent from the truly guilty.  The various law enforcement agencies are also part of the problem since it appears that far too many of those involved in law enforcement care more about closing a case by shoving a suspect into the legal system than by ensuring that the only ones facing trial are those who are truly believed to have committed a crime.



Here is what another person thinks about the USA legal system:


Oh, the hilarity that is the phrase “criminal justice system.” Talk to any defense attorney and they’ll tell you how the deck is stacked against defendants and defense lawyers. The ideal of “innocent until proven guilty” has become little more than a disclaimer tacked onto cop-centered reality shows. Defendants are guilty until the jury is somehow tricked by the defense into handing down a “not guilty” verdict. A lot of effort goes towards dissuading defendants from even making it this far, as prosecutors will present worst-case scenarios comprised of every violation conceivable in order to get an agreement to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

The prevailing perception that the person charged is guilty, with the only answer yet to be determined is how guilty, makes defending arrestees an uphill battle. Judge (former judge) Elizabeth Coker took this uphill battle, increased the grade to 85 degrees, covered it with a sheet of ice and sprinkled it with a 50/50 blend of Teflon and motor oil.

Elizabeth E. Coker may forever be known as the “texting judge,” but her notoriety will soon be all that is left of her days on the bench of the 258th District Court of Polk, Trinity, and San Jacinto Counties. Coker signed an “AGREEMENT TO RESIGN FROM JUDICIAL OFFICE IN LIEU OF DISCIPLINARY ACTION” with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct…

The agreement comes in the wake of a recent investigation revealing Coker texted instructions from the bench to a Polk County Assistant District Attorney who was assisting in the prosecution of a case in Coker’s court.

The good news is that Coker is being stripped of all of her judicial power.



Please follow the link below to read the entire article that also includes embedded text links that may be worthy of your following.


Texas Judge Forced To Resign After Being Caught Texting Instructions To Assistant DA During Trial



To enlighten yourself of the MANY horrors about the USA legal system try a Web search using various search terms.

Also include the MANY times that law enforcement has harmed innocent people… deliberately harmed innocent folks for many reasons that were usually self-serving in some way.

In fairness, I do appreciate the times when those within the legal system and law enforcement perform their job properly and do their best to ensure the innocent are left alone and that the criminal vermin are found and taken care of in a way that protects the good, decent folks of the USA.

Random Rambling

Posted at a message board I used emotions with a dash of rational thinking in deciding to also post the message board comment here for all those who accidentally stumble upon this blog to be confronted by yet more babbling of the Disgruntled variety:


Religion circular reasoning




I am an open-minded agnostic. My befuddled brain balks at declaring what is the Truth. Note the capitalization of “Truth.” I actually enjoy the roving “convinced ones” who appear at the shanty proselytizing or to convince me to adopt their belief and cast off my “middleness” of neither belief nor disbelief.

The typical scenario is the “Bible thumpers” to refer to the Bible with nary a discussion involving logic or rationality. A simple appeal to emotions with nary a peep involving logic or rationality.

Politicians especially shun logical and rational appeals when begging for votes. It is ineffective. Appeals to emotions are what convince the masses of addle-minded buffoons infesting the country.

Here he is again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!







Alas… for those walking the different path and marching to that out-of-the-norm drum interacting with general humanity can be a burden. A mental burden extracting an emotion toll. So some of us retreat.


Grab the herd while young and they are so easy to indoctrinate.







When I was a lad it was still the era of loyalty oaths in some places. The “Red scare” of that era was presented to the public based upon an emotional appeal manner. And the reactions of so many of the common folks scared me, even at that young age. I was around 8 years old in the early 1960s when a new surge of anti-Commie propaganda descended upon the town containing one of the USA’s premier nuclear research facilities.


The cub scout den leader held the meetings in his underground fallout shelter in his back yard. It was groovy. He ended up moving to Arkansas because of all the Commies in California.


Sheeeesh. Sure, there was strife and contention between the USA and the USSR but studying history I wonder how much of that strife was based upon competing elites more concerned with maintaining a status quo in their respective countries and willing to risk mega-millions of common folks lives to keep their lofty positions atop the socio-economic hierarchy.

Oh well.

Appeals to emotions. Far more effective, in general, in influencing folks. Exceptions always exist but they are a minority.


Have a wonderful week!!!!!!!!!!


Remember… better dead than Red. And pray for your chance to kill a Commie for mommy.

Land of the free USA!!! We’re Number One!!!

USA residents are indoctrinated from their earliest years to think and SHOUT that the USA is “Number One!!!!”


There is nothing wrong with that except… well, the indoctrination that goes along with that brainwashing has so many negatives it would take thousands of blog entries to just begin to briefly mention those negatives.

I am a thoroughly Disgruntled Old Coot but I will, again, mention to those unfamiliar with my writings that I am aware of the many good things about the USA.

However, if you want warm-fuzzy feel-good tripe go elsewhere and read. There are many blogs and other Web sites supporting the USA while ignoring the growing number of negatives in this country in the throes of class warfare.


It appears that one are where the USA is definitely Number One!!!! is in the percentage of residents tossed into a cell.


List of countries by incarceration rate


According to that list at Wikipedia the USA has more folks in jail or prison as a percentage of population than any other country.

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The Charade of Voting

As posted at a message board I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, ruler of a regime of one huddled within the bunker upon my compound I spread my Disgruntledness as much as possible via the wondrous Web.

And here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Extremely complicated topic of the type that often leads to my multi-paragraph near-dissertations with some surely worthy of a near-Pulitzer Prize.

The media has immense control over who becomes candidates. Viable candidates.

Thank the propaganda systems and disinterest of the MANY more concerned with 24/7 entertainment seeking.

The future MAY bode differently what with the Web assisting to counter what was a monopoly of the mass and local media for generations.

“Freedom of the press is wonderful for those who can afford the presses.”

The Web has given a voice to the masses but only a minority of USA denizens avail themselves of alternate media.

The “big name” media outlets have a built-in “power” an aura of validity conveyed by the media’s name.

The Disgruntled Old Coot blog will never convey the authority of CBS, NBC, New York Times, etc.

I recommend “The Irony of Democracy.” There are many other similar books that will teach what the educational system at the K-12 levels ignore.

The Founding Fathers purposefully created a government intended to be “owned and operated” by an elite class. And that elite class was to be guided by HONOR to consider their own class AND the USA as a whole and the majority of folks below them in the socio-economic hierarchy.

Along the way that honor was cast aside.

Sadly, it appears that an educated elite is required for our constitutional republic to function.

Look at our society!!!!! Look at the masses of buffoons stumbling through life with such narrow outlooks such as the all-consuming desire to see their beloved sport team on TV this Sunday!!!!!!

When I cry out for revolution I suppose my real desire is to cast out some of the greed infesting our elites class and restore that sense of honor once demanded by the elites of old.

And curb that damnable corporate system wielding IMMENSE power on economics, politics, culture…. we are beginning to live in what science fiction writers envisions decades ago!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Voting is much more effective at the local level. Less so at the state and at the federal level? With the masses of simpletons so easily indoctrinated infesting the USA I view the federal vote as a huge farce to assist in hoodwinking those masses of near-brain-dead idiots sucking in vital oxygen.

And the charade continues.

Student Revolutionary Strike Force SRSF

1982… the group of veterans instinctively found each other at the crowded California college campus.

The table in the cafeteria area of the student center was the initial gathering spot and it remained the main socializing area for the next four years and beyond… but since I left after four years I do not know how long that gathering spot remained the unofficial table reserved for the veterans attending that college.

We were the Vietnam era vets, mostly. A few exceptions with a couple guys who were post-Vietnam era veterans but the cadre of the Student Revolutionary Strike Force (SRSF) had served in or around Vietnam or at other military bases around the world.

It was the Cold War era and wherever you were stationed there was always the threat of an outbreak of action.

We were raised with that threat from our youngest days.

Military veterans back then were treated differently than veterans are today. We were mostly ignored. Little to no recognition and among our peers it was generally best to not mention you had served in the military.

We were seldom treated in a negative way when others in our peer group knew we were vets but neither was our treatment positive for being a vet. However, and many of us in the Strike Force commented about this; in subtle and not always subtle ways, our peers acted as if they were suspicious of us, as if we were not quite “normal.”

Most of us were Baby Boomers, the cohort born between 1946 and 1964. The Strike Force was mostly early and middle Boomers. When the all-volunteer military began in 1973 the numbers of folks entering the military dropped and I believe that drop was reflected in the surprisingly few military veterans attending that college.

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My Message to the Chief


Gun-Toting, Foul-Mouthed Pa. Chief Won’t Back Down


Police Chief Mark Kessler expects to be fired for posting incendiary videos in which he ranted obscenely about the Second Amendment and liberals while spraying machine-gun fire with borough-owned weapons.

 But Kessler, whose pro-gun videos have garnered hundreds of thousands of views online, has no intention of going away quietly.

 With an Internet radio show, speaking invitations to gun rallies around the country and a newly formed “Constitution Security Force” that he claims already has chapters in 45 states, the 41-year-old coal miner-turned-cop said his message – that the federal government is too big, too powerful and wants to grab guns – is resonating with a segment of the public that believes as he does.

 “The support has been overwhelming, both national and international,” he said. “I find it truly amazing how many people finally said, ‘You know what? This guy’s right.'”

 Friday is the last day of Kessler’s 30-day suspension over what the Gilberton council has said was unauthorized use of the weapons. The council could decide his fate Friday night.

 But if Kessler’s worried about losing job, he’s not showing it.

 “If that’s the price I got to pay for standing up for what I believe in, apparently for what a lot of Americans believe in, I’m willing to pay that price,” said Kessler, speaking to The Associated Press at a gun range near Gilberton in northeast Pennsylvania.

 If anything, his rhetoric has grown even more menacing.

Follow the link to read the entire “news” story.  The story is an excellent example of “modern” news reporting with the reporter using many emotionally-charged words and phrases intended to affect the readers’ subjective emotions instead of offering logic and rationality and allowing the reader to arrive at their own conclusion.

A fine example of an elite-owned media indoctrinating the masses to think and thus behave in a manner conducive to the elite’s continuous victory in their class war they have initiated against the masses of common folks within the USA.

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Old Coot Opinion about Communication Effectiveness

Hi!!! Hope you are having a wonderful day.  Thank you for dropping by.  It does my Disgruntled aging heart good to know that at least somebody passed by and waved before moving on.

If you stay and read then you must be a glutton for punishment or bored or your mouse quit working and no matter how much you smack it… here you stay.


At a message board I infest and for some unknown reason have not been banned from posting at I made a comment I decided to place here on my blog thing.

The thread’s titles is:



Women are Better Communicators than Men? Not!!


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Remembering Mr. Myrl Billings

Honoring and remembering one of a multitude of USA citizens whose deeds and even their existence at one time is fading in the minds of the masses.

“A grave marker, flanked by both an American and French flag, rests in the Lincoln Memorial Cemetery in Springfield, Missouri. The name on the marker is Myrl Billings. Billings was a Springfield native African American who fought in World War I with the 369th Regiment of the New York National Guard. He was the only African American soldier from Springfield to receive the Croix de Guerre for gallantry in action during World War I.”

Read more at —–>  Myrl Billings & The Harlem Hellfighters


Thanks to Google Books and the writers of the book; Missouri’s Black Heritage, I found the ONE picture of Myrl Billings revealed by a lengthy Web search. What a handsome young man!!!! He is the guy in the middle. I wish we knew the names of the two guys standing next to him.


Myrl Billings


I am guessing he was 19 or 20 in the picture. I was in the Navy at that age. I bet that the commonalities of the strangeness of military life resulted in similarities in our experiences despite the differences in army and navy lifestyles along with the many years’ difference between our lifetimes. Though things change some things remain the same… such as humans interacting with their environment, feeling fear, wonder, excitement and happiness.

Here is a video telling us about Mr. Billings:




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Detecting Political Correctness

There are no formulas to apply to written or spoken words to indicate the person writing or spewing their froth is calling upon implanted knee-jerk rhetoric of the politically correct (PC) type.

Merely disagreeing with an opinion or belief does not make it PC. But, I have noticed that what I believe to be PC-laden folks bashing those with differing opinions and using PC emotion-laden frivolous terms in response to what they disagree with.

Disagree with a PC persons’ opinions or beliefs and be prepared for having emotion-laden labels placed upon you.

It is these labels that assist me in ascertaining if the writer/speaker is what I consider to be one of a growing number of PC indoctrinated buffoons who tend to be lacking in education or the curiosity to expand their very limited knowledge base.

Babbling buffoons. A bevy of them. Bountiful buffoons. Spewers of inanity. But, that is merely my opinion and I declare that in many of my writings across the Web; something I witness very few PC dingalings doing.

I am going to start a cumulative list and while writing when I think of a new addition I will add it to the list below:

Indicators you are reading/hearing a PC person communicating


  • Opinions written as if those opinions are fact
  • Label those disagreeing with them a “hater” or “bigot, “xenophobe” “Nazi” etc.
  • Tendency to ridicule their own race, culture, ethnicity, whatever but typically only if the PC spewer is a Caucasian USA resident.


I have thought about writing an entry covering this topic but refrained from doing so because the concept I want to convey is difficult.

There are many variables about the topic and my ability to convey thoughts seems inadequate, to me, to share what are in my thoughts.

Here is what sparked my decision to create this entry; a comment left upon a Web site:

“…bombing a lot of poor brown civilians.

There is that “brown” term again referring to skin pigmentation levels.

I read mention of “brown people” this and that and written by those I label as being PC indoctrinated.

Hey!!!  I just found a decent explanation about political correctness with some examples of PC:

“Political Correctness (PC) originally flowered in academia and spread like a virus through the government and corporate worlds. It has devolved into a tyranny of the most offended person in the room. PC complaints now range from the sublime to the ridiculous, and they are stifling the honest assessment, and debate, of issues in our lives.”

The site where the quote above originates and the examples chosen is here:

10 Ridiculous Cases of Political Correctness


My tirade is against PC-ridden buffoons spewing their typical knee-jerk rhetoric when leaving comments at Web sites and at message boards. These spewers of political correctness generally write in a manner that does not convey the writer as being a logical, rational creature and obvious-to-me of minimal educational attainment; basically, the average buffoon infesting the human herd who has absorbed much of the life-long propaganda we are all immersed within.

Some of those gulping down that propaganda chose to gobble the PC credos and incorporate that general philosophy into their bleating citizen-sheep lives.

The linked-to site above chose examples of a different type but are indicative of that which is PC.

To be continued