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Please… know this before continuing. There are many topics covered within this blog. Some of what I write will surely be despised by some folks. Fine. What I want all who enter this blog to know is that because something is mentioned within does not mean that whatever is mentioned endorses my OPINION(S)!!!!!!!

I have posts about various people and entities and their being mentioned does NOT mean their mere mention in this blog is to be construed as their endorsing my opinion(s).

I want to make what should be an obviously logical thought OBVIOUS!!!!

The more research I conduct the more I realize that the average reading comprehension level of the typical USA citizen is deplorable. I refuse to write at a 6th- to 8th-grade level even though that appears to be the level to write at to allow the maximum number of readers to understand my words that convey ideas, thoughts, beliefs, opinions… all the things that words try to convey.

*****END UPDATE*****


I am adding to this sticky page a list of other Web sites that have banned me from commenting in their Web sites’ commenting areas.

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Big Banks Suck. Support credit unions

Fight back against the immense power and influence with politician filth and scum bureaucrats at all levels of government.

Always remember that proper behavior in political position or bureaucrat lackey leads to a great job when leaving their position. It is just how the game is played. No promises asked or given… just act in a manner that assists the moneyed interests of the USA and you are et for life. The higher higher-ups know their family will also be treated better than us mere commoners ever will.

Fight back against monolithic corporations who are becoming so wealthy and powerful mere individual citizens are becoming serfs to our masters.

Screw that!!!!  One of the several ways to fight back against tyranny in the business and government worlds so far removed from us little folks is to try to use the lousy political system that definitely assists the rich and powerful but often spits upon us little folks.

We have to try using the system. When all attempts fail maybe then will be the time to cry out for a new set of Founders and urge the good folks of the USA to join us in commencing Revolutionary War Two.

In the meantime visit the folks below and use their offerings to fight back against those wanting to enslave We, the People.


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Fighting Back Against Tyranny


Hello, I hope all is well with you and yours. I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, continues to do my duty as a growing number of other common folks are to fight back against the huge propaganda and indoctrination systems used to convince so many of We, the People that as things are in the USA is correct and proper.

Here is the comment I just left at the end of an essay:


Folks, do not ignore how the wealthy interests of the USA can control government legally. Everybody involved knows how the game is played and it’s all legal.

Behave properly as a politician or high-level bureaucrat and you and your family will be rewarded. Ex-president Reagan holds the record, I believe, for $2,000,000 for one speech with all expenses paid. Here in my semi-rural impoverished area the local elites did their part in keeping the scam going by paying one of GW Bush’s kids $25,000 for one day’s work… a short speech while being wined and dined. That is more than the typical worker around here makes in an entire year.

The elites ensure their lackey figureheads will never have to compete with or live among the masses of despised commoners. So, keep on voting at the federal level believing you are having at least some influence upon government.

And the class war continues and the huge scam that is the USA lives on as we inch ever-closer to a form of plutocracy/oligarchy.

And the most effective propaganda systems ever created immerse the masses in life-long indoctrination convincing enough of We, the People that as things are is correct and proper. Surely the Founders, if they were here now, would call upon the masses to commence Revolutionary War Two.


I try to keep MY “propaganda” as short as possible since longer diatribes are ignored by the majority of folks. However, to convey what I believe to be reality, the truth, it does require more than the minute sound-bite that has become the norm in an era where the limitations of Twitter are embraced by so many folks.

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Class War Scam Tyranny Propaganda Indoctrination



Hello.  Welcome to my blog. You do wear your seat belt when in a moving vehicle, I assume. You do? YAY!!! You are a wise person.

Okay, I commented to a post at a message board over there ———–>

You can get there from here thanks to that really nifty hyper-linking stuff that is so handy!!! Us old farts who were around before the Web reached the masses of common folks recall the effort needed to find other material. Wandering the library looking for another information source and digging through card catalogs and even at a BIG library only a minute amount of the written words in the world were available.

But, thanks to technology and the efforts of many minds far superior to mine we can click on a link and… POOF!!!  There you are… different material to peruse.

Before I display the comment I left on a message board thread I will provide a link to that thread if you have the urge to visit that message board. Here you go………


Have the Communists Won?


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Spewing politician figurehead lackey



Richest 1% taxed too much: NJ Gov Chris Christie

Head on over and read the news story about the typical tripe spewed by a lackey of the moneyed interests behaving in the manner those politician lackeys know will lead to wonderful financial rewards from their masters when the politician leaves office.

Those rewards are legal and can include the lackey politician’s entire family. Observe the Clinton bunch. The elites, the upper-crust and the wealthy corporations and other moneyed interests ensure their pets who behave well are well-rewarded.

The USA is basically a huge scam and the masses of common folks are being spit upon.

Below is the comment I placed on the linked-to article’s comment board. These comment areas are good ways to ascertain the mood of Web users who have enough interest about the immense forces arrayed against We, the People to read and comment.

As the years pass I detect a growing anger among the masses of common folks. I and many others akin to me are trying to assist others in casting off the indoctrination all of us are immersed within our entire life. Propaganda and indoctrination to make us loyal, obedient underlings that our overlords can easily rule and RIP US OFF using a multitude of scams those wealthy/powerful folks and their armies of hired lackeys are so effective at creating and operating.

The comment:



Please notice the figurehead politician lackeys of the ruling elites and monolithic corporations always mention income tax but ignore the many ways the common folks pay a LOT of taxes.

Property tax is a big bite and renters pay it alongside those with their own home. Business taxes are passed along in the costs of goods and services. Advertising costs consume billions of bucks yearly and the celebrity endorsements that make the few incredibly wealthy… those costs are passed along for the masses to pay… costs that crate wealth for the already wealthy that us commoners pay even if we do not watch TV or give a whit about sports.

The entire USA economic system has been crafted to ensure a large portion of the national wealth is sent ever-upwards and there’s the lackey who will be very well-rewarded by corporate USA when he departs office. Behave properly in office and your rewards will be immense and all of it is legal.

And the scam goes on and the elites and BIG business are easily winning the ongoing class war.

Taxes… gotta’ have ‘em but…



Another rant that I, the Disgruntled Old Coot, left at a comment section following a news story about taxes. Unlike some of the monolithic corporate-owned media Web sites the place I left my comment has not banned me form commenting. Yay!!!


And here is my ranting:


It is a crime against We, the People to have any tax system that is inequitable or so hard to comprehend that even extensively-trained folks who make that tax system their life’s work can not understand all the ramifications. Back in the 1980s Consumer Reports (CR) hired ten different types of tax experts including an entire large firm that put its amassed mind-power to work on the needed information to prepare a federal form CR provided. Every result differed and the differences were great at the extremes. I forget the actual figures but that proved to me that the tax system is unAmerican and a crime against We, the People.

It continues, I fear, because the current taxing systems allow politicians to control society and the multitude of jobs created to assist in meeting those tax laws are beneficial to folks in the upper ranks of the social-economic hierarchy. Again, yet another method of wealth transference from the masses of common folks to those deemed deserving by our exalted master ruling class and their politician and bureaucrat lackeys.

And the scam continues and the masses are inundated with indoctrination that as things are is how they are supposed to be. Love it or leave it.



And the scam continues, the class war abides and the relentless propaganda keeps a huge mass of common folks accepting of the systems, entities and people who are spitting upon those masses.

A day of reckoning will hopefully arrive in the future. Maybe the enemies of the common folks will capitulate and allow a more equitable USA to emerge from the ashes of a class war that is allowed to die.





What is the future of the USA?



Placed upon a Washington Post comment section following an article about the popularity of Congress.


The embers of Revolutionary War Two are fanned constantly by the unrepairable farce that is the USA federal government. The unholy alliance between BIG business and BIG government is allowing the elites and their systems to handily win the ongoing class war.

I fear the only way to save the USA is to destroy the old systems, including the federal government and the monolithic corporations and put a new set of Founders to start anew.

The existing Constitution is a good bedrock but the multitude of elite owned, created and lackey operated systems have created a nation of serfs indoctrinated by the most effective propaganda systems ever created into believing that as things are is correct and proper.

The military will be needed to back the freedom fighters going up against tyranny that possess the wealth and power to destroy entire countries. I fear the elites would willingly murder millions of good, decent folks to preserve their huge scam,

The future is unknown to us but if trends continue as they have will the growing oligarchy-plutocracy become so embedded it will never be torn down so that freedom and fairness can spread across the once-sovereign USA lorded over by greed and power lust where profit is the prophet?


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Tyrannical Regime. Embedded Systems. Army of Brainwashed Lackeys



The ruling regime of the USA is much the same as ruling regimes across the planet and as seen in history.

A few profit immensely by using the embedded systems created to control society. And society is merely a group of people working more or less harmoniously for the good of all.

But in the USA an increasing amount of wealth is sent to the greedy grasping claws of a few leaving a growing number of disenfranchised commoners.

The USA’s propaganda systems are still very effective but, thanks to the Web, I detect a growing amount of dissatisfaction with the current systems and the regime owning and operating those systems via their army of lackeys.

To delve into an immensely complex topic… back in the early 1980s when “traditional” pre-Web media ruled a similar scenario in regards to the federal government occurred with polls being taken of military personnel to ascertain how willing they would be to follow order and shoot to kill their fellow citizens angered at the ruling regime and its systems and hordes of lackeys to take to the streets and commence rebelling.

At that time, the officer corps indicated a majority of them would shoot to kill. The enlisted folks had a majority declaring they would not shoot rebelling citizens. Of course, is that media to be trusted? Would some troops claim they would follow orders out of fear of being labeled a possible trouble maker by those with immense power over them?

Many differing articles about the general them of citizens rebelling against tyranny. Yes, the USA is a gentle tyranny compared to other regimes but a tyranny nonetheless.

I recall the interview of a sheriff in eastern Washington state. When asked about using lethal force against citizens who were revolting in what they believed to be a legitimate revolt against an unjust government requiring citizens to rebel his answer was… and I paraphrase due to lack of a perfect memory;

“I took an oath to uphold the law and that is what I do. If those rebelling to not follow legitimate orders by legitimate authority and, if necessary to maintain order, I would shoot to kill and I believe my deputies would also do their duty.

Folks, part of my teacher education included mental development. That sheriff who place that much emphasis upon LAW… blessed belove to him LAW that MUST be obeyed… that is indicative of a juvenile, childish thinking style. That sheriff is typical of too many Americans well-indoctrinated their entire lives to OBEY. As things are IS correct and proper because… well, because that is how things are and those controlling the media, the government, those filling their roles as lackeys and those ruling the regime say things are okay so they must be!!!

Oath Keepers was created to assist in countering the implanted indoctrination that guides the regime’s lackeys to maintain the status quo so profitable to the few at the cost of the many.

I expect increasing curtailment of the common folk’s Web access because We, the People are empowered by the ability to communicate in a way once reserved to the ruling elites and the wealthier folks in general.

There IS a class war in the USA, folks, and there is growing dissatisfaction among the common classes. If I can detect it I know the army of lackeys with immense wealth and resources are also aware of the growing anger.

In conclusion… I say as I have before… be glad our masters are mostly gentle… mostly. If aroused, though, I fear truly that the entrenched regime would be willing to murder many millions of good, decent revolting citizens just to maintain their scam that is incredibly profitable for them. And their armies of well-indoctrinated lackeys… I can only wonder how many of them are so brainwashed that akin to the SS of Nazi Germany that they would murder any threat to their masters… even little children. I fear that a percentage of them would.

That is one reason I hope that the military joins We, the people when Revolutionary War Two starts and that the masses of common folks access tactical nuclear weapons to counter the regime that could possibly use those weapons to remain in power.

Folks… I write not from emotions or implanted BS. I have studied history and other aspects of life for decades along with life experiences among the lower strata of the social-economic hierarchy. I am the Blue Collar Scholar and base my opinions upon a massive amount of inquiry and the thoughts of a multitude of writers both pro- and anti-regime.